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5 Jewelry Trends to Watch for This Spring

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What are the jewelry trends you will be seeing everywhere as soon as winter thaws to spring? Take a look at a few of the hottest ones, pun intended.

The spring fashion shows are just wrapping up, and there’s a lot to be excited about. Of course, we always get to see the hottest trends in clothing on these runways, but we also get a peek at some of the hottest jewelry for the upcoming season.

When putting together the perfect, trendy outfit, the jewelry is just as important as the clothing. So, it’s just as important to keep up with the jewelry trends as it is to keep up with the clothing trends.

Here are some of the hottest jewelry trends for Spring 2020.

  1. Oversized Chains

Chain-link necklaces have been in for a while now, but this spring they’re getting bigger—literally and figuratively. On the runways this season, we saw an assortment of big, chunky chain-link necklaces in all lengths and styles.

Chain-link chokers are going to be big this season. So are long, large chains that hang over a well-picked top.

Size isn’t all that matters when it comes to these oversized chain-link necklaces. Glam matters just as much. Simple silver and gold necklaces are great, but glittery, sparkly chains are even better.

These statement pieces might seem a bit much, but a bit much is in right now. The key is to make sure that your outfit is balanced with your jewelry choices.

If you’re going with a chain-link choker, then you can get away with a bold top. If you’re going with a long, chunky chain, keep the top super simple, like maybe a solid colored tank or blouse. Necklace lengths make a big difference in which top you should wear.

  1. Single Earring

One interesting trend that was all over the runways this season was wearing just one statement earring. Not a pair of statement earrings, just one in one ear. This asymmetrical look draws attention to gorgeous, elaborate earrings, which become the focus of your look.

The key to this trend is the choice of the earring. If you want to make a bold statement, choosing a simple, dangly earring just won’t do.

To drive the impact of this trend home, you need to choose an earring that speaks for itself. Think chunky, geometric shapes, large beaded studs, dangly gemstone earrings, and giant, chunky hoops. If your style and your earlobes can handle it, you can even go for an earring so long it brushes or hangs over the shoulder.

The key to nailing this look is to make sure that the rest of your accessories and your outfit balance out your earring choice. In general, you shouldn’t wear a necklace when you wear big earrings. If you do opt for a necklace, make sure it’s simple, like a thin chain or choker.

If you’ve chosen a chunky earring with a lot of shapes, a simple top pairs best. If you’ve gone with a dangly, chain earring, you can get away with a more elaborate top.

Make sure the earring is the center of your look, and you’ll stun.

  1. Collar Necklaces

Statement necklaces are making a comeback in a big way. In 2019, bib necklaces, layered chains, and big pendants were all the rage. In 2020, collar necklaces are the statement necklaces du jour.

We’re not talking about literal collars—this isn’t a resurgence of the early 2000s goth look. We’re talking about thick, metal chokers that cover a good portion of the neck. These necklaces come in all sorts of styles—single rings, stacked rings, bedazzled with gems and jewels. There’s a collar necklace to fit every personal style and outfit.

Since these necklaces are so large, they become the center of your look. So, choose wisely. To tone down the look a little bit, choose a simple gold or silver collar necklace. To make a real impact, choose a collar necklace covered in gemstones or a beaded collar necklace.

Collar necklaces look best with tops that show off your neck and shoulders. They’re the perfect accessory for a strapless or off the shoulder top. They also look great with deep V-neck tops.

  1. Heirloom Jewelry

The latest fashion trend is actually a throwback. One of the hottest looks on the runway this spring was heirloom jewelry. Jewelry with a vintage, antique vibe is all the rage this season.

But this is not necessarily costume jewelry. The idea is that the jewelry gives the vibe of having a history behind it. So, raiding your grandma’s jewelry box, or at least buying pieces inspired by your grandma’s jewelry box, is the way to stay on trend this season.

Not sure what kind of jewelry fits into this heirloom vibe? Large, chunky rings with big gemstones are a perfect example of this trend. So are old school charm bracelets and lockets.

If you can’t find any of these items in your family members’ jewelry boxes, no worries. Designers are big into the heirloom vibe this year. Look for a piece that speaks to you on a personal level rather than what you think looks trendy. This trend is all about connection with the piece.

  1. Big Hoops

Hoops are always in, no matter what. A pair of simple gold or silver hoops complete pretty much any outfit.

But in 2020, the trend is anything but simple hoops. The hoops this year are bigger, but not necessarily in circumference. We’re talking about thick, chunky hoops. Hoops with irregular shapes are also in this year—think wavy shapes or even square.

Going beyond silver and gold is also a big trend for hoops this year. Try hoops in a bold color, beaded hoops, or hoops with big gemstones around the earring.

How to Rock 2020’s Jewelry Trends

These 2020 jewelry trends will help you make a statement this year. Remember, if you’re opting for bold jewelry, balance out the rest of your outfit and accessories to match.

For more tips and tricks on how to rock the best fashion trends of 2020, check out the fashion section of our site.



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