5 Homeowner Cleaning Tips That Will Change Your World

Cleaning your home is a major chore, and it is nearly impossible to keep it clean with a busy schedule. Stains, sudden messes, and buildup don’t receive the attention they need, and you don’t have the time to manage them every day. Clever cleaning tricks cut your cleaning time in half and help you tackle these time-consuming tasks quickly. Here are 5 cleaning tips that will change your world.


1. Use Baking Soda Liberally

Everyone knows that baking soda is a versatile cleaning product. It’s used for deodorizing trash cans and refrigerators. It cleans sinks, stoves, and ovens. But, did you know that it cleans hairbrushes and combs, too? The cleaning product polishes chrome, removes baked-on foods from a grill, and even repels common pests, such as cockroaches and ants.

Baking soda cleans microfiber, and it’s safe for a memory foam mattress. When potty training a toddler, baking soda is almost a miracle cure-all. If a little one has a potty-related accident, parents sprinkle baking soda and leave it for about thirty minutes. The furniture won’t have awful stains or smells due to accidents.

2. Kill Drug-Resistant Bacteria With Wax Paper

Sinks, bathtubs, and showers are common places for increased bacteria growth. Scrubbing them with cleaning products daily kills off bacteria and germs that make families sick. Ironically, even the most spot-on products don’t kill off all harmful substances.

Studies show that even hospitals follow this clever trick to kill off bacteria and germs that are resistant to drugs and chemicals. Use a favorite cleaning product as you would normally. However, after finishing, lightly wet some wax paper and scrub the sinks, bathtubs, and showers with it. Not only does the wax paper kill off any leftover particles, but it also polishes surfaces leaving a wondrous shine.

3. Yes! Clean Your Washing Machine!

Running a washing machine daily won’t keep it sanitized. The findings of a recent study showed that 60% of the washers in the study tested positive for E-Coli bacteria. Isn’t that disgusting? Dirty clothes aren’t clean when homeowners wash them obviously, and bacteria that gets on the clothes stay in your washing machine.

Cleaning the washer is actually quite easy. Use the hot water setting, add one quart of bleach, and start the machine. The combination kills off all harmful bacteria that accumulated over time. According to recommendations, families need to clean it at least once a week for the best results. For more life-changing cleaning tips read More at CleanHappens.com now.

4. A Better Way to Clean Baseboards

Do you hate cleaning your baseboards, too? Luckily, a clever trick eliminates the strain on your knees and helps clean them in half the time. Instead, spraying and scrubbing continuously, connect dryer sheets to a Swiffer Sweeper and gently wipe down the baseboards. The trick cleans all the dust and debris from the baseboards and adds a nice fragrant to the home.

5. Clean Your Microwave Faster

Is cleaning the microwave a complete nightmare? All it takes is one dish containing tomato sauce. Add to that a teenager who forgot to clean up behind themselves, and parents have a stuck on mess all inside the microwave. Fortunately, there is an easy trick that cleans it in record time.

Add about two tablespoons of white vinegar to a small bowl of water. Place it in the microwave, set the microwave to its highest power, and heat it for about three minutes. The concoction creates steam and lifts up the stick-on mess, and it is easy to wipe it clean.

Cleaning the home often becomes a major project that families just don’t have time for every day. Fortunately, a few helpful cleaning tips get rid of unwanted odors and keep kitchen appliances shiny. They also help parents get more out of their cleaning products. Following the tips take the stress out of cleaning and keeps the home clean and smelling wonderful. You can also look into cleaning a service like Duty Cleaners, sherwood park to assist you in deep cleaning your home.



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  • April 21, 2019 at 11:47 am

    I love that wax paper trick! Never heard of that one before but can’t wait to try it.

  • April 17, 2019 at 8:07 am

    I seriously didn’t know that I needed to clean my washing machine, and it is over 10 years old. I am going to do that today. Thank you! I am going to show this post to my husband who is a complete germaphobe. I also didn’t know those hacks about baking soda. This is an awesome post. I am going to pin it as well.


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