5 Apps That Should Find Their Place on Every Senior’s Smartphone

Who says seniors need to remain in the dark when it comes to technology? While some seniors find it difficult to commit to new devices, many are embracing smartphones and use them on a daily basis. Smartphones help seniors connect with those they love and the world around them. To further enhance the benefits, seniors should consider installing apps.

Many Seniors Rely on Smartphones to Stay in Touch

Living in senior living facilities allows individuals to remain as independent as possible. Having a smartphone provides seniors a way to stay in touch with family and friends and coordinate events with other seniors in the facility. Seniors can visit to learn more about the exciting way of life that is offered.

5 Apps Seniors Should Download on Their Smartphones

A smartphone is a useful tool that becomes even more beneficial with the right apps. Seniors should not feel intimidated in exploring the different apps that are available to them. These apps can be used for entertainment, medical records, and even to make life easier. The following are the top 5 apps that should be on every senior’s smartphone.

  1. Pillboxie is an app that reminds you to take your medications when it is time. Seniors sometimes have problems with medication compliance and having this app helps to ensure you do not forget to take your medications, as they are prescribed.


  1. Lumosity offers an integrative app that helps seniors maintain their cognitive function and work to protect against memory loss. Staying mentally active is vital for seniors and can help them to avoid the frustrations associated with forgetfulness. This app helps you to train your brain and keep it healthy.


  1. Car Finder AR is a helpful smartphone app that assists seniors in remembering where they parked their car. Large parking lots can be confusing and even younger people can forget where they parked. This app makes it easy to find your vehicle so you are not scrambling around in embarrassment.


  1. The Weather Channel offers an easy-to-use app that alerts you of any major weather events so you can act accordingly. With this app, you can check the weather by the day or week. This app keeps you updated on severe weather events so you can stay safe.


  1. Using apps can be greatly beneficial for seniors. Skype is an app seniors should consider when downloading apps to their smartphone. Skype allows seniors to stay in touch with friends and family, no matter where they are in the world. Skype offers text and video chat options.

More Seniors Are Embracing Technology

Believe it or not, seniors are becoming more and more technologically advanced than ever before and many own the latest smartphones. Although it takes a bit of practice, using these phones is not overly difficult and can open up an entirely new world for seniors who often feel isolated and lonely.


If you own a smartphone, check out the above apps and learn how they can benefit your day-to-day life. There are now so many apps that are being created specifically to help seniors deal with the constraints of getting older. Having the right apps on your phone will allow you to keep your brain active, stay in touch with those you love and care about, and make life easier.



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