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5 Enlightening Benefits of Floor Lamps in Homes

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Floor lamps are definitely one of the most frequently used lighting elements used in interior décor. The industry of floor lamps has seen some significant advancement which has led to the development of modern floor lamps. The modern floor lamps preserve the functionality of classic floor lamps whilst adding an element of modern style in homes. Check out andlight gulvlamper to take a closer look at different lamp types and their purposes.  You can use floor lamps in a number of living spaces such as recreational rooms, bedrooms and living rooms. Irrespective of the place in which floor lamps are used, they manage to provide a number of benefits which include:


Longer lifetime:

When practicality and longevity are in question, metal frame floor lamps win the contest. The reason for the success of floor lamps is their longer base which is supported by heavyweight on the base. Contrary to bedside table lamps, floor lamps can sustain falls and trips caused by abrupt movements. You can easily move floor lamps from one corner to another without compromising the safety of the shade or bulb. Another important thing which adds to the lifetime of floor lamps is their sturdy frames. Usually, floor lamps have metallic or wooden frames which can sustain the test of time by resisting any damages. If you want to enjoy a lamp which will last for years to come, floor lamps are the best pick.

Functional Versatility:

Apart from their sturdiness, floor lamps exhibit exceptional versatility. From study lamps to tree lamps, floor lamps are available in a number of styles. You can also adjust the wand of floor lamps at certain angles at which you can enjoy perfect task lighting. By making a few heights and angle adjustments in the wad of the floor lamp, you can easily read daily newspaper or novels without having to illuminate the entire space. Similarly, the tree style floor lamps offer multiple branches at the top of light sources are attached. You can adjust various branches of tree lamps for the accomplishment of multiple tasks at a time. Floor lamps feature a wide spectrum of functionality for each and every user.

A wide range of styling:

Floor lamps feature a wide range of styling. You can place a tree styled floor lamp in the corner joining your sofa set. You can also use a branched floor lamp in your kitchen to enjoy leisure cooking time with your family. Similarly, hat-styled floor lamps can also be used in study rooms for achieving target lighting.

Energy savings:

A good floor lamp installed in your kitchen, living room or study room will greatly reduce the need of turning on multiple lights when all you need is to turn on one bulb. You can switch your regular incandescent bulbs with cost-efficient and energy-saving LED bulbs in your floor lamps. Floor lamps reduce your bills by reducing the usage of electricity for illumination as well as by offering alternate LED bulbs for regular, expensive lighting sources.


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