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People Turning to Google to Learn as ‘Traditional Skills are Lost’

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It is sad that the new generation will have almost nothing to take forward in terms of culture. Thanks to technology that seems to be like quicksand for most teens and parents as well.

Since the turn of the millennium, technology has seen a spike in terms of advancement. From the internet to mobile phones and video games as well. All contributing to the erosion of the social aspect of being social humans. Everyone is affected and it’s the children that are finding it more difficult to handle. Back in the day, way back before the internet, children would kick it outside in the mud, rain and sun. exploring and taking on adventures such as climbing trees.

However, years went by and the internet came flying through the front door. With a new wave of communication that people embraced to an extent, such that they forgot how to actually initiate a conversation.

The Degradation of Knowledge

Combine that with the hours that they spend on video games and you have a family that doesn’t know a thing about the other. Children are the most affected. Reason being that the parents lack skills in outdoor activities and so, they shy away from such. 6 of 10 parents wish that they were equipped to educate their young ones.

To get a perspective of how the internet and technology, in general, have taken over, take a look at the following study. It is estimated that 2 out of 5 parents believe that their parents are better placed when it comes to teaching their children.

However, the same parents say that they would turn to Google for advice instead of asking an older folk. Some of the skills most desired by children include putting up a simple tent, fishing and building a raft not forgetting the basic cooking which seems to have been forgotten, especially with the parents constantly working and the only option is an eat-out.

These skills may seem as basic, but the impact they have on the children is tremendous. One of the benefits includes boosting their confidence resilience in a tough world. Other benefits include bonding time for both parents and their children. A simple skill such as roasting a marshmallow is now tough to master with a survey showing that a staggering 9 out of 10 couldn’t even build a raft. Millennial parents of age 25 to 34 are said to be the most affected. According to surveys, they find it more difficult to impart skills on their children.

According to another survey done by Haven found, only 17% of parents are confident that they can set up a campfire compared to about 30% of parents between the ages of 45 and 54.

It is important to get the basics right

With such jaw-dropping and astonishing findings, it is important that you analyze the moral fabric of the society in a bid to better future generations. So, that they too can enjoy what was once your favorite pastime activity.

It is estimated that a person spends at least half a day on the internet either on social media or playing games like mobile bingo via mobile phones and other video games. The games are recommended to the people who are 18-year-olds and please play responsibly.




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