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Pros And Cons Of Bed Frames: Finding The Perfect One For You

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For someone looking to buy a new bed frame, there is this excitement that comes with it until the person realizes that it isn’t as easy as it seemed. People get easily confused when they are faced with a lot of options and they are torn between which bed frame color, style or material to go for. If you have ever felt overwhelmed and had a hard time reaching a decision, this article is just what you need.

We have tried 7 very popular bed frames and were able to gather the pros and cons of each of them to help you make an informed decision:

      1. Upholstered Bed

Upholstered bed is for those that love luxury. It has a way of filling up any space, are quite comfortable and leave a bold statement. It can fit into a big master bedroom, a guest room or any traditional and classy type of bedroom.


Numerous options – looking for something unique? Upholstered bed offers you multiple options of different patterns, color and fabric so that you find something that complements your bedroom.

Comfortable – it comes with soft headboard and has cushioned support for those times you want to watch TV or read in bed.


Not very durable – the fabric in upholstered bed is prone to wear and tear, dents and grease spots and therefore isn’t as durable as metals and woods.

Frequent maintenance – you need to frequently vacuum your upholstered bed to get rid of dust. People allergic to dust may have to choose another type of bed.

Buying consideration:

When buying an upholstered bed, look for sturdy woods and go for deep-colored fabric so as to lengthen the wear time.

       2. The Headboard

Talk about a simple and yet a classy kind of bed and the headboard comes to mind. It is perfect for traditional type of bedroom, kids’ room, guest room because they are cozy, clean-lined and versatile.


Easy to move – you can easily attach or detach freestanding headboards from its frame to make room for easy movement of the bed.

Provides you with options – you can go for the whole headboard or decide to get a standalone headboard and attach your old metal mattress stand to it without it looking odd.

Comfortable – it is also very comfortable and offers superior back support for reading or watching TV in bed.


Needs a different maintenance – headboards, especially the standalones come with upholstered fabric and therefore demands that you follow a pattern of instruction when caring for it.

Buying consideration:

Make sure to look out for frames made with kiln-dried or solid hardwoods.

  3. Platform Bed

This is about the most sought-after type of bed frames because it offers varieties of styles. You get a low profile and sleek look from this bed that has no need for box spring due to its flat base. They are perfect for small spaces like apartments and urban lofts, and open floor plans without creating clutter.


Great for small spaces – platform beds take up less space, and so if your space is small; this bed is your best option.

Cost-effective – when you consider that you won’t need to buy a box spring for the platform bed, you will realise that it is cost=effective.

Goes with any mattress – platform bed accepts any mattress you have in mind.


Too low – platform beds are too low to the ground and can be challenging when climbing in and out of it especially for those with knee or back problems.

Might be uncomfortable for side-sleepers – The wooden slats or solid platform of the bed that the mattress sits on can become too firm and create pressure for side-sleepers.

Buying consideration:

Look for the one that will fit your space and appeals to you.

 4. Sleigh Bed

This is that bed that comes with a raised foot board and a high back, and suits any type of bedroom.


Very cozy – your feet will love the cozy feeling from the raised foot base of this bed.

Distinctly classy – perfect for making a bedroom statement because of its streamlined appeal.


Quite expensive – their construction and design makes them very expensive.

Might not work for everyone – if you are tall, the footboard might not work for you.

Heavy to move – except for the upholstered version, traditional sleigh beds are very heavy to move.

Buying consideration

Go for wood upholstered sleigh bed instead of metal.

 5. Canopy Bed

Known as the four poster, canopy beds now have more modern designs and is great for master bedrooms, modern and classic bedrooms as well high ceilings.


Cozy – its enveloping design makes it very cozy

Very stylish – canopy beds are known for being very stylish


Regular cleaning – it easily attracts dust and therefore requires regular cleaning.

Difficult to move – it can be challenging to move around the bedroom.

Requires tall ceilings – even with the newer designs, canopy beds still need tall ceilings to work.

Buying consideration:

Look out for modern canopy beds with headboards so that you can always incorporate it when redecorating your bedroom.

   6. Storage bed

A multipurpose bed that is made to maximize your bedroom space. It’s great for kids’ room, limited space apartment and anywhere with limited space but has things that can be stored. It is made with solid, sturdy and beautiful woods that are made to last.


Enough storage space – this is quite obvious since the name of the bed bears the name storage. It can store items and give you more room space.


Regular maintenance – the track rollers and hardware that comes with the storage unit can become loose or fall off and therefore needs fixing or replacement.

More expensive – all that storage spaces add up to make the bed quite expensive.

Challenging to move – its storage parts makes moving the bed around a little difficult.

Buying consideration:

You should go for storage beds with its storage built into its base for a firmer mattress support and deeper storage units that is still beautiful.

  7. Wrought-iron bed

Made with iron, this bed outlives every other bed. It comes in different styles and works for almost every type of bedroom.


Durable – they can hold any weight and last very long.

Low maintenance – does not require much cleaning.

Easily movable – it might look heavy but it is often light and can be easily moved than other wooden beds.


Expensive – bearing in mind that they are made of metal and made to last, they tend to get pretty expensive.

Few styles – wrought-iron beds do not come with a lot of styles and therefore does not give you many options.

Buying consideration

Look for wrought-iron beds with a painted finish as they offer more versatility.


With this review, hopefully, you can now make up your mind on which bed to go for.



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