Bathroom Upgrade: Choose Perfect Shower Wall Materials

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If you are planning to transform your space with the help of a bathroom renovations Melbourne professional, you are probably interested in adding luxury and style to your budget. With the perfect shower surround and expertise, you can finally achieve the function and look you have always wanted without spending a fortune. Below are some of the most popular shower wall options available in the market.

Bring affordability and style with acrylic walls

Acrylic walls are popular among homeowners, especially when they are looking to save handsome amounts of cash and still achieve some of the best bathroom renovations Melbourne has seen. While “acrylic” does not have a luxurious ring around it, modern acrylic is easy to formulate. Further, acrylic mimics even the textures of different surfaces, including Italian brick tiles.

These walls allow you to choose the style that works best around your aesthetic ideas without minimizing the benefits of acrylic. The material provides easy maintenance, durability and is an attractive long-term solution for bathrooms.

Further, acrylic walls are more economical compared to other materials in the market, which is suitable for all budget sizes. Installation is easy, so you do not have to worry about significant disruptions and delays.

Nature-inspired uniqueness with stone tiles

Stone tiles provide a one-of-a-kind shower wall that includes an exciting array of colors and textures often found in nature. While similar to granite in appearance, the use of these tiles in bathroom renovations Melbourne projects transforms the spaces into soothing natural oases.

However, stone tiles are not cheap options, and they also require a bit more maintenance and regular sealing reapplication. Make sure that you choose textured stone tiles for your shower’s tray to prevent injury and slips.

Complete luxury bathroom renovations Kew projects with glass wall tiles

These are precisely what they sound like; translucent tiles that bring an extra shine to the bathroom space. Glass tiles are quite durable, and their reflective feature adds spaciousness and depth.


The tiles come in small tiles that you can bring together to create an interesting pattern on your bathroom walls. While installation may involve cutting and fitting, many homeowners agree glass tiles are worth the extra effort.

The easy-to-maintain fiberglass walls

Fiberglass is a budget-friendly wall material that has attracted the attention of bathroom renovators Melbourne companies as they provide the most value. While fiberglass bathroom walls are as durable as their acrylic counterparts, they are an effective solution for homeowners looking for fast results without spending much. The walls do not have seams, which means they are not subject to as much mildew and mold as you would find in a grout shower wall.

Introduce a high-end look with porcelain and ceramic tiles

If you love the look of tile in the bathroom, porcelain and ceramic tiles are what you need for unmatched elegance. While not a budget shower wall option, tiles are affordable when you stick with ceramic.


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If you are looking forward to revitalize your space, let the bathroom renovations Melbourne experts at MW Homes fill you in on affordable, attractive products. Give them a call at 1300 271 429 to get started today.



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