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4 Alternative Assets For Creatively Investing Your Money

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When it comes to finding places to park your money, we all know the most popular choices: the stock market, gold, and real estate. But did you know that anything that increases in value over time can be considered a good investment? Think outside the box for some creative investing decisions that can really pay off. From collectibles to currencies, there’s a wide variety of alternative assets whose value can be reliably expected to appreciate. It’s well worth your time to learn about them.

  1. Baseball Cards

It’s important to remember that, like with any collectible, not all baseball cards will appreciate in value. But there can be no denying the solid performance of the good quality vintage cards that are popular with hobbyists around the world. Their value does increase every decade and that makes them a truly worthwhile investment. You should begin your research by browsing recent sales on eBay or auction sites to develop a sense for the highly valued cards that are available within your budget. It’s important to only buy baseball cards that are authenticated or graded which will protect the value of your investment and make them easier to sell. High-grade cards, especially when they are rare, will appreciate the fastest and you should aim to buy the highest possible grade you can afford. What now? Take excellent care of your investment by keeping safe from humidity or other damage.

  1. Currencies

Investing in foreign currencies is very similar to the stock market in the sense that you buy at the current price with the expectation to sell later when the price has increased. You have to do your research about currency trends and which would be the safest bets, but the idea is, quite simply, the classic “buy low, sell high.” For example, Iraqi currency, which is called the dinar, is considered a potential investment because it’s currently at historic lows. Likewise, you are also able to short (sell) a currency that’s currently at historic highs if you expect it to start coming down. Investing in foreign currencies has its own little universe online with plenty of forums dedicated to passionate fans discussing currency trends and trying to predict what’s next.

  1. Art

For many people, art is a hobby, but it can certainly also be an investment. Art by famous artists is well known for appreciating in value, even if the reasons for this may seem mysterious to outsiders of the art world. The rewards for savvy art investing can be huge, as artists and their works tend to become more important (and expensive) over time. If you don’t want to lose your money, investing in this alternative asset will require at least a basic art education. If you’re interested in being a player, begin with resources like art buying blogs to learn about the market and current trends. Check out live auctions on the website of Sotheby’s to see what the movers and shakers in art investing are up to. Learn about art investment funds once you develop an understanding of what’s popular and why, purchase some up-and-coming art that you can hold onto for a long time, and then cash in on that artist’s growing importance.

  1. Stamps

It’s incredible to think that a sticky piece of decorated paper can generate wealth. And yet stamp collections are regularly sold for shocking sums, into the millions of dollars, and are considered a very stable investment. Unlike the stock market, stamps only ever go up. The key to this lucrative market is a global community of hobbyists and investors that collect stamps according to measures like how rare they are or which historical event they are associated with. Stamps can even become valuable because they feature some sort of mistake. Of course, you will have to do your research to enter this market since not all stamps increase in value. You don’t really need to be an expert but you may need the guidance of one. Most investors hold their rare stamps for around 7-10 years, after which they are sold and at a reliable profit.


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