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10 Roof maintenance tips you need to remember

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 Most people think that the roof needs to be replaced as soon as certain issues appear. This is a great exaggeration as even damaged roofs can last for a long time before you finally get a new one.

 People usually worry that damaged roof will start leaking and damage your structural integrity. However, it all depends on the type of issue that you’re dealing with. That’s why we turned for advice to the experts at doitrightroofing.ca who told us how to roof problems with just a few minor fixes.

Here are some tips and tricks that will help you perform regular maintenance on your roof.

  1. Perform regular maintenance

Like with everything else, it is very important to notice the issue from the get go. Ideally, you will go to the roof twice per year to check shingles, gutters, and other parts of the roof. In the worst case scenario, you should check it at least once, prior to autumn.

  1. Trust professionals

No matter what, you should always trust professional companies. If you notice some issues and you’re not certain how to deal with them, perhaps it’s better to call a local roofing company that will help you make an assessment and see how big of an issue you’re dealing with. If you notice some issues and you’re not certain how to deal with them, perhaps it’s better to call a local roofing company that will help you make an assessment and see how big of an issue you’re dealing with. If you’re looking for Atlanta roofers, Team Roofing’s qualified team can help you determine what to do.

  1. Unclogging the gutters

One of the reasons why you should check your roof twice a year is because of debris. Leaves and other small debris will likely accumulate on your roof over the year and start clogging the gutters. This can lead to several issues down the road. So, make sure to clean your gutters regularly.

  1. Cut down the branches

Branches of the surrounding trees can pose several issues. First and foremost, they will increase the amount of leaves that fall into the gutter. They also can scratch the surface of the roof. Lastly, in case of a storm or a strong wind, bigger branches can fall on your roof and damage it.

  1. Focus on shingles

Most North American homes have shingles as the main roofing material. Asphalt shingles in particular are very popular but at the same time, very weak. After a heavy storm, you should check them out, see if they’re still in place.

  1. Replace the whole area of shingles

If one shingle goes down, there is a good chance that the surrounding shingles will also become weaker. So, if one of them is wobbly, industrial roofers will tend to to remove the whole area including the surrounding shingles. This might seem as an unnecessary expense but it’s much better to reinforce the whole area than to leave damaged shingles on your roof.

  1. Consider using zinc strips

Depending where you live, there is a good chance that one part of your roof (northern one) will be in shade. This invites algae and mold. As a good solution, you might want to install zinc strips that will deal with excess humidity.

  1. Think about safety

While its great maintaining roof all by yourself, you also have to think about safety. Make sure to get the best protective gear such as special rubber boots and ladder.

  1. Allow roof to breathe

Every roof needs proper ventilation to avoid overheating and excess moisture. This is why good ventilation will go a long way. Make sure to consider this when getting a new roof as it will help you out along the way.

  1. Areas around chimney are tricky

Besides shingles and gutters, you will likely notice issues around the chimney. Due to its specific position and placement, it is really hard to isolate the area and connect everything together. This also means that the damage will more likely occur. Each time you go to the roof, check the surrounding plates for integrity.


We hope that with these tips, you are prepared to repair the roof all by yourself.

However, if you do have some issues, don’t be shy and contact us at DoItRightRoofing.ca for a professional roofing assistance.




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