Why Vaping Is Better for You Than Smoking

Over the past few years, vaping has become a massively popular phenomenon. This trend is attributed to a dramatic shift in people’s attitudes toward their health recently. There is an increasing desire to move away from smoking cigarettes to a healthier alternative. As such, more people have turned towards vaping as an appropriate substitute.

With vaping, you can control the amount of nicotine you ingest. This control allows people to wean themselves off smoking over time. Plus, they reduce the number of harmful chemicals they put into their body as well. Unlike other methods of quitting smoking like gum or patches, vaping allows you to retain the action of inhaling and feeling the familiar sensation at the back of your throat as you quit nicotine. As you do this, you will also maintain the social aspect of smoking.

Here are some reasons why vaping is better than smoking. 

Vaping contains fewer ingredients

When you look at what is in a cigarette, you may as well be looking at a list of harmful chemicals and toxins. Some ingredients include lead, carbon monoxide, ammonia, and arsenic, which you would never dream of deliberately putting into your body. There are also many more chemicals that prove to cause significant harm to your health. 

Vaping is quite different. The liquid used in vapes is made up of only a few ingredients. You will know and can control exactly what you are putting into your body. 

No damage to vital organs

Smoking is terrible for your overall health. This habit causes permanent damage to your vital organs and the cardiovascular system as a whole. In contrast, vaping is a healthier option. Although studies are ambiguous, there has never been any proven connection between vaping and health problems. Relative to smoking, vaping is often considered the safer and healthier alternative to smoking. 

Vaping has many choices

When you switch from cigarettes to vaping, you will be amazed at the different choices in flavors. There are many sweet and fruity flavors to explore that can make the vaping experience an absolute joy. If you’re looking for a neutral flavor, that is possible too. In fact, the neutral flavor is what many people look for as they transition from cigarettes to vaping.

You can experiment with several different vape flavors until you find one that you enjoy. Visit a vape shop to browse the different flavors available, ranging from sweet to savory. Afterwards, you can make another switch whenever you like.

Vaping is less addictive

Everyone knows that nicotine is very addictive and why many people find it a real struggle to quit smoking. Many people are unaware that the addictiveness of cigarettes is enhanced by hundreds of other additives, which are added during production. As early as the mid-90’s, it became widely known that these compounds help to make nicotine more addictive. 

The nicotine in vapes is just nicotine. As such, you will have a more precise ability to regulate your consumption of it. This knowledge gives you a clear understanding of what you are putting into your body. 

It doesn’t harm anyone else

Second-hand smoking is a significant problem. In the past few decades, a shift began in the acceptability of smoking in planes, trains, restaurants and businesses. As a result, the trendiness of smoking becomes a lot less appealing.

Vaping doesn’t harm anybody, although it’s still polite not to smoke inside without asking permission first, and many businesses don’t allow it. The main point is that by vaping, you are not putting anyone at risk, including yourself. 

It’s greener

We’re not talking about the smoke or vapor here. Vaping is better for the environment. The mass production of cigarettes and the butts that get tossed everywhere end up either in landfills, clogging drains or eaten by animals. 

Also, the act of burning a cigarette may seem like a little bit of smoke. When you multiply that by the millions of active smokers worldwide, it is a significant amount of greenhouse gas.

It’s cheaper

For some, the price is the best part. Vaping is so much cheaper than smoking. Smoking can cost many people over $4,000 per year, whereas the healthier and safer vaping alternative works out to around $500 on the higher end. 

The lower costs can be reason enough to make the switch. If you successfully transition from smoking to vaping, you will save a lifetime’s worth of money that would have otherwise ended up in smoke.


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