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Drone Home By PlayMonster We Love It

Disclosure: Howdy everyone, I wanted to inform you that I was not compensated for this post. However, I did receive a product from the company below. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC guidelines.

I am so excited to share with you today about Drone Home by PlayMonster. Child’s play is made up of make-belief and imagination.  So you will see right away how this game will fit right in with that concept.  My 6-year-old grandson was all about wanting a drone when he was younger.  But at that age, he wasn’t really old enough to have one.  The cool part about this game (that your normal drone doesn’t have) is the little ‘aliens’ that come with the game.


How to Play Drone Home

The objective of Drone Home is to launch an alien (inside the drone) into the air 3 times. The player that is able to do this first wins the game. To launch the drone, you slide an alien onto the drone’s platform, causing the alien to fly. Part of the object of the game is that players can knock the other player’s alien off the platform. You can purchase this game here on Amazon. (this is not an affiliate link)

  • This game comes with a USB cord for charging.  It is important to allow it to charge for 15 minutes before play.
  • You will need 4 AAA batteries as they are not included.

What You Should Know About this Fun Game

  • It says it is for ages 6 and up. BUT with adult supervision, you can decide what ages of your child(ren) you will allow to play.
  • You can play with 2 to 4 players (but 4 players is the best).
  • The drone can fly as high up as 7 feet above the playing area.  Make sure your kitchen lights are not above you.  Also, make sure an adult or teen gets it from the air or allow it to land on its own.
  • It is important not to allow kids OR adults to stand over the drone at any time.  Especially if someone launches the drone by accident.  The could cause injury.

drone home

What is Included Inside of the Box?

I am glad you asked.  Inside of the box you get:

  1. Your aliens:
    Each player gets 3 so our box came with 3 orange, 3 purple, 3 red, and 3 green. I had read somewhere that you get extras but our box did not include any extra aliens. If your game does then yay you! You might also read in other reviews that you have to get your aliens up 4 times that is only if you each get 4 aliens.  In our case, we would only need to get 3 up since each player only gets 3 aliens per player.
  2. Four Launch Ramps
    There are four launch ramps, one for each player which corresponds by color to the alien color each person chose.  These snap into the launchpad provided where the drone sits before you start the game.
  3. One USB cord
    You get one USB cord for charging your drone.
  4. A Tiny Screwdriver
    They include a tiny screwdriver to help you open the battery compartment. How many times have you gone to open a little battery compartment with tiny screws? Now you will have one.
  5. Two Extra Rings
    They include 2 extra rings for the drone. (seen in the photo).

drone home


In conclusion

I wanted to Thank PlayMonster for making Drone Home such a fun game. It is not always possible to find a game that makes a 6-year-old brother and 10-year-old sister laugh and enjoy the same game together.  We have been able to enjoy time without fights and bickering while playing for over an hour or more. So Thank you!

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drone home

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