Fixd Vs Bluedriver: Which Is Better? 

A car maintenance tool known as OBD2 scanner tools for reading the error codes. It can detect the problem of your automobiles. Without any breakdown it can fix the problem sometimes. The working method of scanning tools is simple. The information they provide is elaborate and help to fix the car’s problem. A car maintenance tool can help you to store the car in good condition.

The popularity of car scanning tools is increasing day by day. You will find a number of options to pick the right scanning tools for your car maintenance. According to the customer review Fixd and BlueDriver are one of the best scanning tools. This passage will deal with the details of those scanning tools for your better knowing.


What you should know before Buying a good Scanner

Car maintenance tools make a diagnosis report of a car’s health. It detects the problem of a car and shows it on a report. This is the basic action of a scanning tool. The basic action of a car maintenance tool is almost the same in all scanning tools. Along with these basic features Nerdknowbetter suggest you to consider some other essential things before buying a tool.

The best car maintenance tools provide the right mix of weight, size and the capabilities of reading the car error code. The most essential criteria are,

Easy Setup

You should consider these criteria before buying a scanning tool. Plug in the hardware device in OBD2 port and see the error rapport in the phone screen is the easiest way. Many scanning tools like Fixd and BlueDriver have this kind of facility. Those scanning tools perform their work with hardware and software. The hardware and the software connect through bluetooth connectivity.

Portable Facilities

This criteria gives you plenty of facility. A portable and lightweight scanner tool doesn’t take much space in your car. It’s simple to carry and set up. Before buying a scanner tools choose the small size of scanner.

Software Compatibility

This criteria is mandatory for scanner tools. Without software compatibility scanning tools are like a useless electronic device. Software gives you the facility of seeing your car diagnosis report instantly. Make sure your scanning tools software has the support system with all platforms like android and iOS.


Without giving the correct information a scanning tool is nothing but a dead device. The only task of a scanning tool is to provide the right information about car health. If it is unable to deliver the correct report about a car’s health avoid it. Before buying a scanner, check the accuracy performance of the scanning tools.


This criteria will relax you. After buying a scanner tool for your car maintenance you need not be distressed about it. If the scanner has enough warranty you will relax about the product. If any fault has been detected in the scanner system it will be replaced by the company. Fixd and BluDriver scanning tools have warranty for 90 days and 180 days. You should choose this type of tool for your car maintenance.

FIXD Review 

The Fixd scanning tool is a scanning tool for general car owners. These scanning tools are considered as entry-level scanning tools. The operating system of these tools is simple. To run this device you need to install the software in your phone and connect it with the hardware through bluetooth. The hardware should plug in in the OBD2 port  which is on under the steering wheel.

The Fixd scanning tools have compatibility with all maximum old models of car. This device supports to run with a gas car which was made after 1996 and a diesel car after 2008. Fixd scanning tools have the ability to translate thousands of error codes in planty English. There is a scheduled time maintenance alert in Fixd Scanning tools.

Fixd scanning tools have the facility to connect five cars simultaneously and make the diagnosis report without any error. All your family can maintain under one device. Fixd scanning tools software is supported with android and iOS platform also. It is more convenient than any other scanning tools for the entry level users.

Key Features

The key features of Fixd scanning tools are in below.

  1. Schedule Update 
  2. Display Live Data
  3. Check Engine Light and diagnosis report
  4. Application Updates daily
  5. Support with all OBD2 protocols
  6. Application support in android and iOS platform
  7. Snapshot feature/ Freeze Frame
  8. Reduce cost of repairs
  9. Bluetooth Connectivity

Pros & Cons

Every device has some pros and cons. For your better knowledge we have enlisted the pros and cons of Fixd scanner tools in the chart. 

Pros  Cons 
FIXD Application and FIXD Sensors provide you with an easy-to-understand definition Apps not function: check ABS, SRS light
FIXD gives you the severity and consequences of each check engine lamp Adapter not support MSCAN (Ford Vehicle), SWCAN (GM Vehicle)
FIXD reminds you when your car repair diagnosis needs scheduled maintenance
FIXD even lets you clear the check lamp
Compatible with any gas vehicle, 1996 or newer

BlueDriver Review

BlueDriver is a scanning tool for professional users. These scanning tools have plenty of advanced features. BlueDriver is able to give the solution of a specific problem through the report. It helps the mechanic to repair the car. The device is worked through installed software and a hardware. The hardware diagnoses the report by scanning the car’s health and the software transmits the error code and shows it on the screen.

The customer service of BlueDriver is good enough. They have 24/7 customer support through the application. BlueDrive is able to show the live data on the screen. The best part of BlueDriver scanning tools is that it can give you the instruction to fix the car problem.

BlueDriver scanning tools can read diagnostic trouble codes. They show the engine performance in a graph chart. When they read DTCs they provide a specific list of vehicles. This will save time to repair the car and save money. BlueDriver car maintenance tools are very powerful tools to maintain car health.

Key Features

The key features of professional scanning tools BlueDriver are listed in below. 

  1. Graph, multiple data sources
  2. Top/Frequently/Other Reported Fix
  3. Code Definition
  4. Permanent Check Engine Codes
  5. Stream and record live data
  6. Bluetooth via smartphone application
  7. Supports latest vehicles
  8. Works with cars and commercial vehicles
  9. Works with light trucks as well

Pros & Cons

The Pros and Cons of BlueDriver scanning tools are boxed in below. 

Pros  Cons 
BlueDriver Apps (iOS/Android) Free Not support Windows Phone
Fast data transfer sensor Not Application List for car models
Read and Clear trouble codes
Quickly repair report
Smog Check program

FIXD vs Bluedriver: Which is better?

FIXD vs Bluedriver: Which is better? The echo to this question relies on your need. Because the needs of all people are not the same. The entry level user chooses Fixd scanning tools while professional; choose BlueDriver tools. 

The other thing you must be conscious about when purchasing a scanning tool is the price. Before you buy a device compare the price of different tools with the allowed features. Since BlueDriver is a professional scanning tool it costs too much than Fixd.

Scanning tools should be lightweight, small in size and portable. The software compatibility and regular updates of software should also consider. We recommend BlueDriver Scanning tools because this has all advanced features and has 180 days money back warranty. This device supports all established brand vehicles to diagnosis.

Final Word 

Car maintenance tools became a part of cars nowadays. Without a scanning tool it’s difficult for general users to detect the problem of their car. With the help of scanning tools sometimes people can fix the minor problem of a car without going to the work station. These tools are really beneficial. 

Picking random scanning tools doesn’t give you much facility. You have to be conscious about the above quoted things before selecting. A right scanning tool not only fixes your car instantly but also gives you relaxation about the car.


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