Makeover Tips To Look Like A Celebrity.

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Imagine that you have decided to be fashionable. It’s not that you didn’t dress up and take care of yourself before you made the decision, but now you want to cut a new image, you want to turn heads, close the deal, snag the interview, and make a dent on the social scene.

How would you go about it? How would you transition from ordinary to extraordinary or from just well-dressed to making a statement with your attire? How do you become so hip that people mistake you for a celebrity?

Changing your look starts with a basic wardrobe, but goes on to include hairstyles, makeup, jewelry, shoes, bags, sunglasses, and even scents.

Here are 5 suggestions to create a complete makeover:

  1. Attitude is everything.

Looking like a celebrity starts with having the right attitude. For example, you need to master the art of pretending that you’re trying to be anonymous. That aloof vibe is actually very magnetic. To help achieve this, you’ll want the right look and some celebrity sunglasses is a great start. These make a statement and help you set the mood for the rest of your transformation.

  1. Change your hair.

Get your hair cut and styled. Work with your hairdresser to decide on the best look that will suit the shape of your face. Get highlights, change your hair color, do what you think will give you a new look. However, don’t make changes for the sake of making changes. Make them because they serve a greater purpose—defining a particular look you want to adopt.

Next, get some professional tips on how to take care of the health and shine of your hair. Should you wash your hair daily or only a few times a week? Do you need a hot oil treatment? What type of shampoo and conditioner should you use? You need to develop a hair care routine so that your hair always looks its best.

If you’re a man, then you may also want to consider facial hair. Would a mustache or beard suit you or do you look better clean-shaven? If you decide on a mustache, make sure that it is always freshly trimmed and doesn’t grow all over your upper lip. If you decide on a beard, use a softener if necessary to hydrate and nourish it.

  1. Get perfect nails.

If you’re a woman, you’re probably aware of the power of a manicure to get attention. However, if you’re a man, trimming cuticles and having neatly cut and cleaned nails will help you look more professional. Unkempt nails give an impression of untidiness.

  1. Be subtle about smelling good.

What seems like a small dab to you can appear overpowering to others. It’s essential to be subtle about fragrance.

  1. Learn how to dress.

The best way to figure out the best clothes for you is to get help from somebody who knows how to dress well. If you don’t have a friend or relative who has mastered the art of sartorial elegance, then hire a wardrobe consultant.

An expert on dressing well will be able to offer advice on whether to buy off the rack or get bespoke suits; they will have a keen eye for quality, color, pattern, fabric, design, and length. They will help you make distinctions about collars, sleeve buttons, lapels, and pockets. And they will help you make the best decisions when it comes to choosing cuffs, neck ties, socks, shoes, jewelry, belts and watches. In addition, they will teach you things that nobody may have ever shown you before–like the right way to tie a tie or how to drape a scarf.

The Challenge of A Head-to-Toe Makeover

Taking action on a head-to-toe makeover usually creates a considerable amount of unconscious psychological resistance. Your best chance of success is to work with experts who will have a keen eye for details based on their experience. While reading magazines and blog posts will give you a general idea of grooming and fashion trends, you will achieve the best effect if you work with experts. In other words, you need to expand your sense of style, because it’s difficult to see yourself as others see you and to break free of your own grooming preferences and dressing habits.


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