5 Reasons Why Tiny Homes are Perfect for Young Families

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The tiny home movement is taking the world by storm. Tiny homes are, according to the International Code Council, living quarters that are around 400 square feet or less. Tiny homes can be affixed to a property, or they can come in the form of a mobile home. Going tiny has the reputation as an option for individuals, retirees, and couples.

The thing is, a tiny home is a perfectly viable and amazing choice for young families as well. Here are five reasons why a tiny home can be a great starting home for a family.

1. Tiny Houses are More Sustainable

Adopting a more eco-friendly and sustainable way of living is, for some, the greatest investment that they can make to secure their children’s futures. Living in a tiny home means that you’’ be using less water, as well as electricity to heat up or cool down your home. You can also design your tiny home to use sustainable and recycled materials! 

Living in a tiny home can change your environmental lifestyle, too. Virginia Tech Ph.D. Candidate Maria Saxton conducted a study of 80 tiny home “downsizers” in the United States. According to the article she wrote for The Conversation, she noticed a 45% reduction in people’s ecological footprints after moving to a tiny home.

2. Tiny Homes are Cheaper

According to a study conducted by iProperty Management, a tiny home costs less than one-fifth of what a traditional home costs, and to top it off, 60% of tiny homeowners have no credit card debt! Smaller homes mean lower maintenance and upkeep costs, too.  Downsizing to a tiny home might give you the avenue to save up for more forward-facing plans such as your kids’ college funds. 

3. Tiny Homes Allow You to Move

A tiny home can also provide you with the freedom that comes with mobility, if that’s something that you value. If you’ve always dreamed about living in a cozy home that adapts and moves with you, relocatable homes might be something that you should look into!

4. A Tiny House is Easier to Maintain

Tiny homes, aside from being eco-friendly and cheap, are easy to maintain, as well. Cleaning a 400-square foot home and keeping it in tip top shape won’t take a lot of time. Downsizing to a tiny home will allow you to carve out more time for your kids, your career, or your hobbies! 

5. A Tiny Home Will Help You Simplify Your Life

In a world where everybody wants to acquire more and more, to build bigger and more expensive, living tiny can help you focus more on what’s truly important. Living in a home with an extremely limited space, you cannot fall into a mindless habit of acquiring things that do not matter, because there won’t be any space for it in your home! Instead of quantity, the heart of the tiny house movement is quality: multi-purpose, high-quality items that last longer, and lifelong experiences instead of cutting-edge, trendy items.

When NOT to Go Tiny

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While there are many reasons to downsize to a tiny home, there are also factors that make it less-than-ideal for some young families. Some of these factors are: 

  1. Multiple pets. If you’re living with a child and multiple pets, a small living space might not cut it. While you might find space for your child’s stuff (which can still be a lot after a thorough paring down), finding space for your pets, your pets’ stuff (toys, food, beds, etc.) on top of that might be challenging.
  2. If you have adolescent/teenage kids. While this might work in theory, teenagers and adolescents need their own space, something a tiny home might not be able to accommodate.
  3. If you thrive in silence and space. If you work from home and spend a sizable chunk of your time making calls, sharing a tiny home with your kid/s might affect your productivity and sanity.


A tiny home is an amazing housing option not only for individuals, couples, and retirees, but for small families, too. Downsizing to a tiny home will allow you and your family to make space for what’s truly important.


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