Efficacy of Borax to Kill Termites- A Complete Guide

Termites are one of the most destructive, damaging, and menacing pests that homeowners have to face. Research suggests that termites can destroy over 6 lakh homes per year. 

So, does borax kill termites? Let’s find out. 

Borax is also known as Sodium Borate. It is a salt created from boric acid that is sourced from the element known as Boron.

Efficacy of Borax to Kill Termites

Borax has proven to be effective in killing termites. They are orally toxic to kill pests. Boric acid does not always start functioning on contact.  

Insects need to ingest the borates to start working. Once consumed, borax acid starts functioning and killing a termite by destroying its nervous system and stomach. Then it’s the hydration that kills the termites.

Borax contains boric acid, which is the natural wood preservative and pesticide that works against all kinds of wood-destroying and wood-consuming insects, including termites.

As it is environmentally sensitive and safe when used as directed to plants, humans, and animals, you can use borax both outside and inside the home. The homeowners, however, have to avoid spillage into water and soil and be aware of the impending hazards. 

If you can adopt this green approach to exterminate termites, you can make the most of these insecticides containing boric acid. This is what makes them very easy to use and immensely popular. 

You should be very diligent while working with borax and borate powder. Ensure you do not contaminate the water in the reservoir or breathe the dust-containing borax solution for termites.

A Complete Guide to using Borax to Kill Termite

There is a huge variety of ways in which borax can be used to kill termites. From borax spray, dry powder, and borax mix to gel forms and borax soap for baiting systems and termite-killing – you can choose anyone to put an end to the termite trouble. 

All these are very easy and affordable mediums for DIY termite treatment.

  • Baits are filled with borax and left where major pest activity is observed to kill the termites.
  • You can apply the dry powder to the crevices and cracks in timber and wood to keep the termites away.
  • The borax forms are injected into drilled holes, wall voids, and nest openings to keep the termites at bay. 
  • The borax solutions and mixtures are painted on wooden surfaces or straight into the trenches of infested soil for the same reason.

How Long Does Borax Remain in Force?

The significant outcome can be seen after 15 to 21 days post the borax treatment. It is always recommended to repeat the application regularly for control and preventive measures. Also, make it a point to protect the treated wood from excess moisture and rain.

Hence the answer to the question “does borax kill termites?” is yes.

Borax plays a key role in eliminating termites. Nevertheless, it is better and recommended to take preventive measures when constructing and building a house than to treat the termite infestation structures later. 

It is also suggested that you take action as early as possible since it is always challenging to deal with a severe termite infestation. You should contact the professionals if the infestation is out of control as termites do a lot of damage to the house. You will gain by appointing a team of experts rather than repairing your house all over again.


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