When you can’t avoid the risk, HEDGE IT!


We love things, we covet them and we protect them. This protection is a means to nullify our fears and our insecurities regarding the protection and safety of our precious assets. This has been our behavior since time immemorial as a specie.


Humans as a nature have a habit to hedge against the risk of losing what they deem precious. Whether they hid it in prehistoric times in caves or buried their stuff in the ground. They hedged it against the fear and inherent risk of losing it.

How to?

This hedging has continued throughout history by the early merchants as back as the 3rd millennia BC. Where traveling merchants kept their goods on multiple animals or multiple ships while travelling to hedge against the loss of goods by either the death or loss of an animal. Insurance is as old as historical society. And with the passing time people modified it according to their needs.

Merchants had weapons as a further insurance against someone looting them. Times progressed and merchants started hiring professional soldiers and mercenaries to guard their caravans while the travelled far flung cities plying their trade and goods.

With sea faring this became an even more of an importance as merchants now had to send a large amount of goods by sea to far flung places and ran the risk of losing their wares to storms, piracy and other causes. This lead to the first informal insurance writing where parties wishing to insure their ships and cargo and parties willing to underwrite the cargo met and fixed upon a fee. The underwriter made a good sum of money if the goods reached safely and the insured got the safety net of being paid the underwritten amount in case of loss. The under writer would make money of a multiple underwritings and to pay in case of a loss thus a win-win arrangement was made.

This was all informal and mostly depended on the word of mouth. This became more formal and documented at the times of the great colonial powers who had immense trade between their colonies in the east and the new world. Thus the famous marine insurance under-writers like Lloyds of London were established.

Thus with industrial revolution started a new trend industrial and corporate insurance where large business insured their industries and business against losses, damage looting. This all was still inaccessible to a common small business owner and household. The cost of affording the under writing would bankrupt many business or eat into profits thus making the whole idea of running a business unfeasible.

The best way to do it!

With the advent of modern practices like internet and easy access to finance and spread of education to the masses thus started small private insurance companies and brokers which specialized in underwriting insurance form small business and neighborhood small and medium enterprises. Such companies like DULIBAN would help people get insurance quotes, custom insurance and support on a click. This insurance brokerage company provides a wide variety of insurance including the insurance of auto, home, farm business whatever you want. Thus, providing the people with a customized, easy to access and affordable alternative to large mega insurance companies with exorbitant fees is their aim. Now a days in the fast-growing world it is difficult to find out someone who understand your needs. And surely it is that insurance brokerage firm who helps you and makes you feel relaxed for your future. And their extra ordinary 24/7 service in form of web portal and mobile app helps you to manage your insurance and its policies at any time. Lastly, insurance is inevitable now a days because if something is worth of, then it needs protection.


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