How Long Does Your Coffee Last?

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How long coffee lasts can vary based on many factors. Coffee technically starts losing its flavor one week after you open a container or grind your beans. This loss doesn’t mean your coffee will be bad after a week – far from it. But you should notice a loss of potency that worsens daily. Thankfully, these three simple tips for preserving coffee can help. These steps are arranged by simplicity: try the first step before you move to the other two.


Storage Tip One: Ziploc Bags

Coffee containers are designed to hold maximum freshness but are not capable of producing an airtight seal. As a result, these bags keep your coffee fresh only a week or two after opening. However, Ziploc bags help add months of freshness to your coffee.

Place your coffee in airtight and foil-lined Ziploc valve bags to keep it fresh for up to nine months. Make sure to get foil-lined bags because they seal the most effectively. And store your coffee in a cool and dry place to minimize loss of freshness. Try a closet or a pantry to get the best effect.

Storage Tip Two: Glass Airtight Containers

If Ziploc bags don’t work for you – a problem common in homes with high humidity – try airtight glass containers. But not mason jars! These jars may work for your juicing but let in too much air for coffee. Instead, shop your local supermarket for a coffee-specific storage jar.

Why? According to the National Coffee Association, these jars have an airtight seal that should keep your coffee fresh for months. Pro tip: use small stickers to label each jar with the brand and storage date. Doing so prevents jars of stale coffee – we promise that you’ll thank us later!

Storage Tip Three: Freeze Your Beans

This last tip is controversial in the coffee community. Some experts say it’s a good idea while others are against it. The issue centers around poor freezing processes. When frozen improperly, coffee may absorb moisture, lose oxygen, and lose its flavor potency.

However, properly frozen coffee may hold its freshness indefinitely. The trick here is to prevent condensation and oxygen loss. Store your coffee in an airtight bag in an airtight glass container. This double-wrapping provides maximum freshness protection.

What Do You Think?

Have you ever tried any of these coffee storage methods? If so, please comment below or message us to let us know how well they worked. We are always excited to hear from our readers!



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