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What to know about buying Trade Paint

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When you’re decorating at home, buying paint should be an effortless process, but when going to the store, it is easy to find yourself confused over paint types and what one you should buy. It can get even more confusing when you compare paint cans from the same brand and see that one will state that it is trade paint.

If you’ve seen this emblazoned on a paint can and always wondered what it means, or why someone who doesn’t work in home improvement would ever need a “trade” product, here is everything you need to know about buying trade paint.

Trade paint is slightly better (if you’re using a lot)

Imagine you had to paint one big wall white and the wall had scratches and marks on it. If you were using a normal paint, you might need to apply more than two coats as regular paint can have middling to a low opacity. Trade paint does not.

It is formulated to have high opacity, which means it will not let layers underneath show through. Always look for a trade paint that says on the can that it guarantees high opacity, or else you might have to paint a wall more than twice.

Trade paint is slightly more expensive

You can’t think that quality doesn’t come at a price. Due to the enhanced nature of the product, trade paints can be more expensive on a liter by liter basis. Remember though that these paints are usually sold in larger volumes, so if you were painting a large area or multiple rooms at home, the price difference would end up becoming negligible.

If you’re interested in getting trade paint at a reasonable price, I recommend visiting The Paint Shed website here. They sell trade brands at better prices online than in-store.

Trade paint is faster acting

Professional painters can’t wait around all day and literally watch the paint dry. They work at speed and want to get as much coverage in the shortest time possible, which is why you’ll tend to find that trade paints can be applied more liberally.

Some brands make their professional paint ever so slightly thinner on the brush as less moisture in the paint helps it dry faster.

Trade paint goes further

If you had five liters of regular matt paint and five liters of trade paint, there’s a good chance the trade option will give you more coverage. Going back to what I said about it feeling thinner on the brush and having higher opacity, you would find that trade paint (when comparing size for size) should cover at least 10 m2.

Remember too that these kinds of paints will have a higher pigment content, which makes them preferable if you wanted to paint a wall white or a lighter shade.

Trade paints are job-specific

Different materials need different paints, and that’s something trade brands specialize in. If you find yourself working with wood, metal, or pretty much any material that isn’t a plastered wall, opt for paint that is made for that material.

There’s no such thing as kitchen paint

If you see a paint advertised as “kitchen/living room/bedroom” paint, you’re looking at a product which is sold to people who don’t really know anything about painting. While these room-specific paints are fine, there’s a reason why you won’t see a bucket of “trade kitchen paint”. It’s a marketing choice brands will use for people who only need small amounts.

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