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4 Side Effects of Injecting Vaccines

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The on-going debate about whether there are side effects of vaccines is one that’s yet to be exhausted. However, there’s medical research that proves the fact that vaccines have certain side effects, ranging from mild to possibly deadly. The injuries that result from vaccine side effects allows one to receive compensation. You can learn more about the nature of vaccines and its updates at reputable sites, such as

Here’s a closer look at the side effects of vaccines that can get you possible compensation.

  1. Digestive Complications

Vaccines, such as the Rotavirus, cause digestive complications in the form of diarrhea and constipation. These side-effects affect children (usually those who are under 5) more than they do older kids and adults.

The Rotavirus vaccination means that your child’s intestines can be disturbed or exposed to allergic reactions. Severe cases of digestive complications include the tearing of the intestines, which results in death. What makes this vaccine dangerous is that it’s given to children who then suffer these possible consequences.

Symptoms of the rotavirus injection can include abdominal pain, dehydration, and high temperature, which appear two days after the vaccination is given.

  1. Mind-altering States

The altering of the state of mind is referred to as encephalopathy. This altered state of mind presents as disillusionment, dizziness, confusion, and possible forgetfulness. This symptom can occur after receiving the tetanus shot. Vaccines that contain mumps, measles, and rubella also carry the risks of encephalopathy.

Tetanus is the result of muscle spasms that would’ve caused infections in the body. Tetanus is also known as lockjaw because the symptoms can begin as a numb jaw and spread throughout your body. The result is the weakening of the nervous system and muscle pains, hence the need to administer a tetanus shot.

If the shot doesn’t result in side effects, one can appreciate the alleviation of tetanus symptoms. However, should one experience the side effects of the vaccine, one might have difficulty breathing and experience stomach pains that will result in the mind-altering states.

  1. Inflammation of Nerves

Vaccines that contain Pertussis, which is bacteria that attach to the hairs of the respiratory system, can cause severe side-effects. Such vaccines aim to protect one from whooping cough and are also found in vaccines for Diphtheria and Tetanus. Whooping cough is also known as an excruciating 10-day cough that leaves one wheezing for air.

The side effects of the Pertussis vaccines can cause immense inflammation of the nerves. The result of this is swollen shoulders and arms. The injury is known as Bronchial Neuritis and appears 2 to 28 days after the shot.

  1. Low Cell Count

Measles, which is mostly found in children, is a viral infectious disease. The virus replicates in the nasal passage and spreads when one coughs or sneezes. Symptoms of measles include red rash throughout the body and high temperature.

Measles vaccines can contribute to a condition where the body can stop bleeding and lower cell count. The result of a low cell count is a compromised immune system, which makes warding off diseases difficult.

Injury Prevention

Side-effects of vaccines are not always experienced and other people are less prone to reacting to vaccines than others. You can contact a vaccine lawyer to help you claim compensation if you experience the symptoms of vaccines.

In some cases, injuries can be prevented, but in other cases, this is beyond your control. If you find yourself injured as a result of receiving a vaccination, contact a vaccine injury lawyer to help you claim compensation.

You can try preventing the side-effects of vaccines by doing the following:

  • Researching vaccine ingredients can help you decide whether the vaccine will be of benefit or will cause more harm to you or your child’s health.
  • If you decide to get vaccinated, make sure that these are done at registered and official hospitals or clinics.
  • Be aware of any product that you or your child is allergic to. Learning the ingredients that are contained in various vaccines will help you realize the types of vaccines that’ll not go well with you or your child.


Various side effects come with vaccines. Sometimes, the injuries that are suffered as a result appear worse than the illness that was to be prevented.

If you’ve suffered from side effects of vaccines, you can get help by seeking professional guidance from vaccine lawyers. They can help you get the compensation for the suffering that you may have experienced. Make sure to familiarize yourself with the vaccines’ ingredients, side-effects, and the products that you react to. This way, you’re well-informed about having a vaccine shot or not.



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