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What are the Benefits of CBD Gummies?

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Gummy bears have always been a popular candy. With CBD gummies, you have the added benefit of eating a treat that is beneficial to your health.

Gummies are infused with cannabidiol hemp extract. This is the same CBD that goes into oils. Since the Farm Bill of 2018 made hemp and hemp products legal in the U.S. Gummies that contain hemp (not marijuana) and have little THC can be shipped anywhere in the U.S.

Most people dislike CBD oil’s taste. So, eating the gummies is a much more palatable way of ingesting CBD. In other words, they taste great.

The Benefits of Taking CBD Gummies

  1. CBD gummies are a convenient way of taking CBD. You can carry them in a baggie and put them in your purse or pocket and no one’s the wiser. This allows you the luxury of privacy when taking your koi CBD. Because it’s just eating candy, a CBD gummy is easier to take than Oil. It’s a matter of just popping a gummy in your mouth. Other benefits include a reduction of anxiety and pain. A CBD gummy can also help your depression as well as alleviate your insomnia. And finally, pediatric epilepsy studies have shown lowered seizure activity.
  2. If you’re anxious in social situations, or just anxious overall, you might want to pop a CBD gummy. Although more studies are warranted, preliminary ones are suggesting that CBD, including CBD gummies, can be used to alleviate social anxiety.
  3. The Mayo Clinic reported on a CBD study published in January 2019. The study examined the effects of CBD on patients with anxiety. Seventy-two participants were followed. It was found that fifty-seven of those patients had decreased anxiety symptoms after taking CBD. The researchers concluded that CBD may be beneficial for anxiety-related disorders. However, they emphasized that more research is needed.
  4. Another study by the Institute of Psychiatry’s Laboratory of Panic and Respiration, examined CBD using both animal models and healthy volunteers. They also showed a reduction in symptoms in those participants suffering from social anxiety. The conclusion was that more clinical trials regarding CBD and anxiety were warranted.
  5. CBD edibles, like gummies, are increasingly being used to treat chronic pain. CBD can be used to treat neuropathic pain. People with malignant diseases can also have their pain relieved. A Republic of Macedonia university, reviewed double blind controlled randomized trials. The trials studied the effects of CBD on pain patients. These trials were also determining the correct dosage. The Goce Delcev University researchers determined that fifteen of the eighteen trials showed a substantial positive effect of CBD over a placebo. Responders reported a forty three percent reduction of pain.

CBD Gummies Benefits for Diseases

A massive dose of CBD isn’t necessary to achieve these results. The target dose was 25-30 mg. Chewing on a CBD gummy can actually help relieve your depression. And because an edible effects last an extended period, your symptoms will be relieved longer.

Antidepressant studies show that CBD is regarded as promising. CBD has been effective in animal models by showing a quick and sustainable antidepressant effect. The study also found that CBD can interact with several neurotransmitter systems. These are systems that are involved with depression.

If you Google insomnia, you see all kinds of ways to fall asleep. Some cures have to do with prescription drugs and some sleep techniques including cognitive therapy. But, there’s no need to stay up counting sheep when you have a CBD gummy close by.

CBD is a great way to overcome insomnia. CBD gummies alleviate anxiety, so when those worrisome moments of life keep you awake, have a CBD gummy.

In a CBD sleep study that had seventy two adult participants, sixty six percent had their sleep scores improve in the first month. Most participants liked that CBD is a natural way to deal with their insomnia.

CBD edibles like gummies are helping reduce epileptic seizures. And unlike standard anti-convulsive medication, CBD shows little to no side effects. In an Israeli study that encompassed five pediatric epilepsy clinics, CBD was used to treat children experiencing seizures.

Seventy-four children participated. Of those participants, eighty-nine percent experienced a reduction in seizures. In some instances, standard anti-convulsive medicines were able to be reduced. Besides diminished seizures the children benefited with improved sleep, motor skills, behavior and more.


Gummies provide you with an easy convenient way to take CBD. As with any edible, once the gummy’s CBD absorbs into your system the benefits last longer than with a liquid or inhalant. It’s done wonders to relieve depression and seizures. Eating a gummy at night to sleep or when you’re feeling anxious, doesn’t take any time.

And when you’re on the go, having some CBD gummies in a container or baggie is a nice benefit. There’s no mess. A lot of people like the discreet way in which you can eat a gummy. Is it no wonder that CBD gummies are so popular?



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