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The Top Five Advantages of Liquid Screed for Your Underfloor Heating System

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We already know that among the different kinds of heating systems out there, underfloor heating could well be the most efficient. Almost all new builds nowadays are installing underfloor heating rather than traditional heating, and with an underfloor heating system, your home can be cosier and warmer, and you can benefit from a much more energy-efficient system as well.

But underfloor heating is an investment, and as an investment, you want to make sure that you can maximise it and make use of its full potential. Fortunately, one way through which you can make your underfloor heating system even more efficient and effective is with liquid screed. Screeding is, of course, essential for all flooring projects, but liquid screeding works particularly well with underfloor heating systems. There are many reasons for this, but here are the top five advantages of liquid screed for your underfloor heating system.

  1. Ease of installation

Without a doubt, liquid screed flooring is much easier to install than traditional cement screed, as confirmed by liquid screed contractors and experts such as Liquidscreed.co.uk. Not only does it give you a quicker and more rapid installation, but you don’t need much manpower to install it, either. One brilliant aspect of liquid screed is that it is self-levelling, which means that you don’t need workers to go down on their hands and knees with a levelling board. In fact, liquid screed can be up to ten times faster to install than traditional screed.

2. Better and more enhanced insulation

One particularly excellent quality of liquid screed is that it is not as voluminous as other types of screed, and when you install liquid screed, it doesn’t need to go down to a deep depth. With this, you can benefit from thicker insulation for your flooring as well. When your flooring insulation is thicker, you can also take advantage of better thermal efficiency and thus save more on your heating and energy bills.

3. A faster turnaround

Not only does liquid screed provide you with an easier installation process – but it also gives you a faster turnaround time. Since liquid screed flooring doesn’t require too much depth, it can dry out in a much faster and quicker way, and this makes it highly suitable for projects where you need a more rapid turnaround time or are on a time constraint.

4. A fast-drying and stronger material

In as little as 24 hours, your liquid screed flooring installation can already be dry, which means that it will be strong enough for people to walk on. This particular feature makes it inherently useful for sites where there may be a lot of traffic, and you don’t have to take any particular measure to avoid the liquid screed for a long time whilst it is in the process of curing. With liquid screed, you don’t have to experience any delays in your flooring project.

5. The even distribution of heat

Lastly, when it comes to your underfloor heating system, liquid screed has proven to be the most effective type of screeding because it can flow around the cables or pipes and fill any void, space, or gap which can otherwise hamper the effectiveness of the underfloor heating system. And since there are no more gaps around the system, the heat can flow through it more evenly, which results in better thermal efficiency as well.





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