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5 Shocking Benefits of Trees

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Trees do more than just look pretty. It might shock you to find out that a tree can add all sorts of value to a home outside of aesthetics. Read on to find out the amazing properties of trees, and why you should add a few to your lawn. 

  1. They Add Monetary Value

According to the US Forest Service, trees on a property increase the property value by up to 10% when the trees are healthy and mature. In fact, the USDA valued each urban tree in California at an average of $90 per plant. That’s an incredible value. To reap these benefits, contact a local city official to find a list of approved and recommended trees for your city. Then, get to planting.

       2. They Make Your Lawn Look Bigger

A study found that trees placed between the sidewalk and the street created an optical illusion to motorists. On streets with more trees planted this way, the streets seemed narrower, the yards larger, and drivers naturally slowed down. 

The opposite is also true: when trees are planted in a front lawn, the lawn looks smaller than it actually is, and the streets appear wider. So plant some trees next to the sidewalk and watch your neighborhood become safer and your property values skyrocket. 

       3. They Make People Smarter

In 2014 a study proved that students with access to greenery had a higher graduation rate than students who didn’t. Overall, these students performed better in math and english than their counterparts after taking into account income and other factors. Many studies exist that show trees and greens make people more productive at work and at home, including one study that proved office workers got more done when near a houseplant. So get to planting! And, if you need assistance with tree planting, feel free to reach out to a professional service such as Tree Service Roseville.

      4. They Heal Us

In one study, neighborhoods with a lot of planted trees and shrubs had residents who felt the equivalent of 7 years younger than they actually were. For every 10 trees, the participants felt 1% better.  These homeowners and renters were less likely to suffer from respiratory illness and heart disease as well. There are even indications that simply being able to look at a tree from a window has healing properties. So to start feeling energized, plant trees where you can view them from a window seat or chair. 

      5. They Save You Money

A shocking EPA study shows that a shaded surface can be up to 45 degrees colder in the summer versus an unshaded surface. That means that if you strategically plant a tree to shade your roof, the roof will naturally cool itself down. Shading windows and roofs can cause homeowners to run their AC less often, and save big dollars on their energy bill.

With all of these amazing benefits, it’s no wonder so many people are looking to plant trees. Planting trees near and around your home or business can save you money, and even make your employees and children more productive. Call a tree care company such as Tree Service Norfolk to see which are the best trees for your yard.


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