What to Expect When Shipping Your Car in-and-out of Texas

Texas is beloved by many for its Southern-style cuisine, warm climate and welcoming residents; however, relocating here can be challenging and daunting. Car shipping doesn’t need to be an expensive part of it; in this article we’ll provide an affordable method of moving it between Texas and any other destination state.

Car shipping costs in Texas depend on several variables, including vehicle size and weight, pickup/delivery location(s), type of service chosen and more. To receive an accurate estimate for car transport services in your area, it is wise to get in contact with reliable auto transport companies and discuss your specific shipping needs – this way you’ll select the appropriate service and save money long term!

When calculating the cost of auto transport in Texas, one key element is distance. As expected, longer distances lead to higher prices; fuel prices also affect this calculation as prices vary across various regions.

Consider the cost of any additional services you wish to add; some companies provide door-to-door delivery at an extra fee, while terminal-to-terminal shipping has lower shipping prices. Also take into account whether or not you plan to send personal belongings along with the vehicle – doing so could significantly raise its price.

Reputable auto transport companies will offer instant and free online quotes. Simply provide some basic contact info and vehicle details; the quote will then include estimated time and costs associated with shipping to or from Texas.

Shipping a high-value or classic car may cost more than shipping an ordinary car in Texas (source: This is mostly due to additional time and care necessary to ensure its arrival intact. Luxury cars typically require special handling procedures as well as insurance protection during sending.

Time & Safety

If you’re planning on shipping your vehicle to Texas, it is crucial that you prepare in advance. Doing this can save money on sending costs while also making sure your car will be ready when it arrives. In addition, emptying out personal items from the car prior to transport will reduce weight while helping prevent potential damages during transit.

For seamless vehicle transport, door-to-door or terminal-to-terminal services are the way to go. When requesting quotes, be sure to give as much detail about your vehicle and its destination so the auto transport company can give an accurate estimation of when delivery will occur.

There are always risks involved with sending your property. Regular car shipping services may be safe, but there’s always the risk that your vehicle could get damaged during auto transport to Texas – whether it’s within the state or out. To mitigate this possibility, it’s important that your car be prepared properly by cleaning and removing any loose items. Take pictures before shipping occurs to document any scratches or dents which might occur.

As part of your research process, be sure to choose a reputable auto transport company and verify their legitimacy by verifying their USDOT number on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration website. Select one with both open and enclosed transport options, good customer service and early booking for optimal rates and timely deliveries of your vehicle.

Consider weather conditions during your journey as you ship. Shipping your car during a snowstorm or sandstorm can be hazardous, while rain can cause its paint to fade or even rust over time.


When selecting an auto transport company, it’s essential that it has an excellent reputation. A reputable firm will have customer reviews posted on trusted platforms like Trustpilot and Google; but they should be registered with the Department of Transportation (DOT). In terms of process management, such as having dedicated agents available with fast response times; offering both open and enclosed car transport services are indicators of quality service delivery.

Price determination in car shipping services depends on various factors, such as distance and type of transport. Longer distance deliveries incur higher gas and bridge toll costs compared to local deliveries; crossing borders is often more costly to transport cars across. Carriers need to account for mileage charges between pickup/drop off locations.

As another way of lowering auto transport costs in Texas, choosing terminal-to-terminal service could also prove advantageous. This entails leaving and collecting your vehicle from one central location – perfect if time is of the essence! However, this option’s cost may be slightly more than door-to-door services.

No matter your motive for moving or travel plans in Texas, Texas has something for you! From its diverse landscape and natural beauty to its long history and unique character, Texas stands out among other states as an unforgettable destination. If shipping a car in Texas is on your list of things to do or you just want a road trip adventure – using a reliable company allows you to relax and experience everything this state has to offer without risking damages to yourself or vehicle during transit


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