5 Reasons You Should Take A Vacation More Often

Recent research in neuroscience shows that persistent exposure to stress can change the brain structure and lead to medical illnesses like depression and anxiety. If you’ve put down your holidays and prioritized work more often, it is high time you realized the importance of vacations for the proper functioning of your mind and health. You do yourself a lot of good by taking monotony breaks, which helps reduce stress and improves productivity and family life. Holidays can make you feel more stimulated and pumped up to take up challenges. So keep reading to find out why you should take a vacation more often.

  1. For psychological reasons

When you’re always working hard, be it as a professional or a mother of two, you tend to be stressed to keep up with your professional performance or for your children’s safety. Ideally, it is a response meant to help us, but too much stress can be destructive for our minds and bodies and necessitates regular vacations or breaks to help us deal with life’s pressures. Leaving your regular stresses behind gives you the time to repair the damage and prepare yourself for future struggles. A change in surroundings can refresh your mood and reduce the risk of heart disease.

  1. For better concentration

The proverb “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” is true because monotony can slow down the brain’s ability to focus and process information. It can also cause problems with memory. Continuous work with no breaks can make a person feel fatigued and drained out. Surveys show that people who vacation regularly reduce blockages and feel more energized. A change of scenery gives you space for your new ideas to form. So when you choose to visit a new destination and search for vacation rentals in Hayden, Idaho or any other place, you already allow yourself to experience something new and widen your perspective.

  1. For strengthening relationships

Vacationing with your family and friends can be relaxing as well as entertaining. The time together helps strengthen bonds and increase the understanding about each other. Studies show that a couple that vacations often feels more satisfied with their marriages. Research has also shown a relation between children’s academic achievements and family summer vacations. The shared experiences and memories of family bonding are priceless. A good family vacation can teach your children some valuable life lessons. A compatible travel company is sure to survive the test of time.

  1. For improving productivity at work

Research shows that vacation time for employees improves the company’s productivity and profitability. Flexible leave policies increase the workers’ loyalty for the organization and the willingness to work overtime if and when needed. The staff is often found to be feeling more productive and energized after successfully completing a holiday. They are more likely to reciprocate the owners’ kindness with better quality of work. Studies have shown that workers feel more satisfied with their jobs when they are regular with their vacations.

  1. For better health

Studies show that even though you may eat more during vacations, your energy and activity levels can burn the extra fat you put on with some mindless eating. Walking on the beach, hiking or simply dancing or playing can make you sweat and improve your sleep quality. People tend to have improved glucose levels and weight loss after vacation.


Chronic stress can accelerate ageing, and when you take occasional breaks, it relieves you of stress. Hence, regular vacations are the most rewarding for staying healthy.


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