What are the Easiest Ways for Visiting Crab Island from Destin FL

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Destin, Florida, is truly the Crown Jewel of the Emerald Coast. Thanks to its charming white sand beaches and heart-warming southern hospitality, it ranks as the #1 beach in the state and #4 in the country.

This popular spot on Florida’s panhandle is a perfect holiday destination. While you can enjoy a relaxed atmosphere at the Henderson Beach State Park, you can explore Florida’s amazing marine creatures at the Gulfarium Marine Adventure Park.

But the one attraction in Destin, unlike any other place in the entire world, is Crab Island. And with leading water sport rental consultants offering top-notch services, getting to Crab Island has become relatively easy.

About Crab Island

It’s a sandbar located just south of the Marler Bridge in Destin, FL. It was once a tiny crab-shaped land in emerald waters, but later a hurricane covered it.

Top service providers offer tour packages, which give you excellent opportunities to reach the island quickly and enjoy a vast array of marine life, from dolphins to seabirds.

Reasons to Visit Crab Island

You can have a pleasant time enjoying the area’s unmatched beauty and the shallow water, which is at the perfect depth to wade next to your parked boat. On the other hand, you can have fun with live entertainment during the summer months. 

You may also consult leading boat rental companies about high tide. You can then try getting to Crab Island during the best time of the day when the high tide brings the stunning turquoise water to the sandbar.

Once you decide to visit Crab Island, here are the easiest ways to reach your destination in Destin, FL.

Hiring a Pontoon Boat Rental to Reach Crab Island

While the average family size in Florida is about 2.66, around 33% of households have 3+ persons.

If your family belongs to the 33% share, you will plan a trip to Crab Island as a large group. The easiest way to reach it in minutes is by hiring a reputed pontoon boat rental.

Top service providers offer passengers custom boats that can accommodate as many as 10 to 12 people. In addition, they provide excellent amenities, from hassle-free rain check, area map to onboard cooler, thus ensuring your trip to Crab Island and the time you spend there is as pleasant as can be.

Booking a Crab Island Jet-ski Tour Package

Crab Island is at a reasonable distance from the coast, and the strong tidal currents and busy boat activity make it too risky for swimming.

But you can cover the stretch in the most thrilling and yet safe way by piloting a jet-ski, with an experienced tour guide alongside you for your assistance.

Reputed rental services provide attractive tour packages. For example, you can experience an exciting 25-mile guided trip, covering the famous boaters’ paradise of Florida. Such 2-seater jet-ski tours are the best and hassle-free ways to visit Crab Island if you are on a trip with a small circuit, looking for some adventure.

Find a Reputed Service Provider

Popular with celebrities such as Keith Urban, Crab Island is a must-visit destination on the Emerald Coast. When you plan a trip to this getaway, reach out to a reliable boat rental service to make your trip safe and memorable. 


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