How to Deal with Strange Dog Behaviors with Home Remedies     

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If you have a dog, you will get to see them behaving strangely sometimes. As an owner, you need to understand their behavioral issues so you can solve them immediately. For instance, you can stop dog from digging home remedy as soon as you notice this strange habit. 

Keep reading to learn how you can deal with strange dog behaviors with home remedies. So, let’s discuss such behaviors one by one.


Excessive Barking

Dogs bark, but if they bark excessively, it is a behavioral issue. Find out why they are barking so much. The most common kinds of barking are – warning/alert, excitement, playfulness, seeking attention, boredom, anxiety, and response to other dogs. 

You should learn how to control outrageous barking. Teach them quiet/bark commands. Find out the underlying reasons for barking. To stop your dog from barking, you need to be patient and pay attention to detail. 


Have you seen your dog digging a hole in the front yard? Well, it’s common for dogs to do some amount of digging. Some dog breeds like Terriers frequently dig because of their hunting past. Many dogs dig for reasons such as – boredom, excessive energy, fear, anxiety, hunting, seeking comfort, hiding belongings, and accessing a place. 

If your dog is habituated to dig up your yard, it leads to frustration after a certain period. Once you identify the cause of digging, work hard to eradicate that source. Make your dog do more exercise and spend quality time with them. 

Focus on extra training and create an area like a sandbox where your dog can dig freely. So, you can stop dogs from digging with a home remedy. But continue training until they stop digging. 


Dogs chew naturally, and it is an important activity for most of them. Excessive chewing threads to destruction quickly become their strange behavioral problem. The common reasons your dogs chew are – puppy teething, excess energy, boredom, curiosity, and anxiety. 

Give many chew toys to your dog and encourage them to chew them. Always keep your personal and precious belongings away from them. If you are not at home, keep your dog in an area where there is the least chance for destruction. 

Once you see your dog chewing the wrong things, distract them by making a sharp noise. Then, replace those items with a chew toy. Ensure your dog does enough exercise so it wears off energy and they feel stimulated without chewing anything.

Separation Stress

Separation stress is one of the most common strange dog behavioral issues. When dogs separate from their owners, they tend to chew more, vocalize, urinate appropriately, and defecate. 

Your dog gets anxious when you prepare to leave. After you leave, they misbehave for 15 to 45 minutes and want to follow you consistently. It may even try to touch you whenever possible. To diminish separation stress, you need to focus on dedicated training and behavior modification. Also, make them do meditation and desensitization exercises.

Bottom Line

So, now you know some of the common strange dog behaviors and how to deal with them by implementing home remedies. Stop dogs from digging with a home remedy, as all these remedies are quite easy to implement. Thus, implement them as and when required. 



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