Favorite Barcelona Routes of Many Travelers

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From gazing at the spellbinding graffiti and other attractions to sampling the sumptuous cuisine, Barcelona is one of the destinations that will leave you craving for more. The city has so much to offer that a new tourist will be spoilt for choice. Luckily, there is all manner of tour guides that will fit in your budget and expectations. Here are some of the favorite bike tour Barcelona routes of many travelers.

DIY tours

Guided tours are the easiest ways of getting to see a new place, but if you are operating on a low budget, you can still enjoy your Barcelona visit with a DIY tour. Apart from cutting down on the costs of your trip using credit card reward points, a DIY tour of Barcelona also allows you to choose your destinations and you can do it at a pace you are comfortable with. Most guides are usually on a clock because they want to finish the tour and get on another one as soon as possible. The best route for a DIY tour is going to the Ruta del Modernisme which winds through Barcelona and links hundreds of art nouveau. The building has inscriptions which describe the different routes so you can just read them and that will eliminate the need of a guide. You could also buy an inexpensive guidebook which will not only help you understand the sights and sounds, but it will also get you a discounted or even free entry into some of the places.

Free tours

You can also get a free tour because Barcelona has joined the bandwagon of cities that are now offering free tours. Here is how it works – your guide takes you around the city for free, and then you give them a tip at the end of the tour. The average tips for free tour guides in Barcelona are €10-€15pp.

Barcelona cuisine

The food scene of Barcelona is hotter than pepper. An excellent place to get a great experience with food is the Poble Sec, located at the foot of Montjuic. You should also take a Barcelona taste tour which is usually in the evenings, and you will get to see a couple of wine shops and even eat lots of spectacularly prepared foods. If you have never tasted an octopus, or you love seafood, this tour is a must – have. Even though these food tours are quite pricey, they are worth it because you get to sample a lot of foods and drinks.

Family treats

If you are traveling with kids, they will sure love the dragons and pooing peasants of the Runner Bean’s Kids tour. Look for a guide who specializes in family tours because they know just how to entertain and engage the kids. For instance, when you get to the Catalan flag, the guide can entertain the kids with some grisly story behind it. And there are lots of sweets too!

The above are just some of the famous routes other tourists take. However, feel free to explore and develop a custom itinerary based on your likes and preferences.



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