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5 Most Common Types of Divination Methods

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There are some moments in life where we feel vulnerable and helpless. We sometimes feel clueless as of what to do, which direction to choose and who to trust. In those moments, even a single symbol or sign helps us to linger on the hope and trust of a happy and secure future. People tend to try several ways in which they get those symbols and signs which give them an assurance of the future or prepare them for the struggle or obstacles they are about to face in future.

Divination is the process of seeking knowledge about the future and knowing the reasons for the various happenings in life. This process can be done through various supernatural means in different ways. Indulging in every type of divination can confuse you and instead of getting the answers and knowing the reasons, you get more confused about who to trust and which direction to follow. You should study, or even try about various means of divination before selecting the method in which you are comfortable and to which you feel most connected.

Following are some common and various means of divination which you can study:


  • Tarot cards: A Tarot card reading is the process of fortune telling through the deck of 78 cards. This deck of cards consists of different suits like wands, cups, and swords. Tarot reading is not specifically about predicting the future, but seeking answers for what is happening, why is happening and how do you make things happen. It is all knowing about your inner-self and analyzing what you actually desire. One should prefer this type of fortune telling if they are not looking for closed-ended questions like yes or no, this or that. While asking questions during a tarot card reading, one should ask a very specific question with clarity and questions which have very detailed answers and explanations.


  • Astrology: Astrology is one of the most recognized and preferred methods of divination and fortune-telling. Astrology is a method which studies the movement of planets and positioning of the stars and relates it to the people according to their date and time of birth. Astrology explains to us how these movements and positioning influence the lives of people and affects their career, love life and health. According to astrology, the Sun, Moon and the planets bring out different personalities among different people according to their birth signs. These birth signs are divided into 12 segments known as zodiac signs or sun signs. For example, people who are born between June 22-July 22 have the sign Cancer; with the ruling planet as Moon and Water as the element. If you want to follow astrology as your method, you should be prepared to dive into the deep knowledge about the planets and sun-signs. You can start reading your daily horoscope to get a gist of how these planets affect your life, your mood, and your abilities.


  • Angel cards: Angel Card reading is very similar to the tarot card reading, a slightly broader term, in which one has to choose the card from the deck of angel cards. These cards give you an insight of your life in a much deeper way. This method of divination seeks the guidance of different guardian angels that can help you by giving symbols and signs such as a particular color, an image, a number, a rainbow, etc. When requires, an angelic healer will also guide you to seek healing from the guardian angels to help you sort out the problems in life and protect you from harm.


  • Crystal balls: When a person thinks about fortune-telling, the first image that comes into our mind is a lady sitting in a dark room gazing over the crystal ball and making predictions for the future. Crystal gazing is one the oldest form of connecting to the spirit and getting the answers from the universe. The psychics read the crystal ball by catching the signals from the ball. The reason why a crystal ball is preferred for the reading is that it is clear and it helps the psychic to focus on the energy and direct her towards her inner intuition.


  • Runes: Runes reading is one of the very popular methods of divination. Runes include a variety of stones such as Elder Futhark, Gothic Runes, Cirth, Hungarian Runes, Anglo-Saxon Futhorc, etc. While choosing your rune stone, it is very important that you are focused on the question or the situation that you want answers for and get the answer which is accurate and precise. The person who is reading your runes will guide you and help to understand what the runes are trying to convey.




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