How do you plan a surprise engagement?

Are you planning on popping the question to your significant other? Chances are that you have discussed getting married before and decided it was right for you. Maybe you have even picked out the ring. All that’s left is to make the proposal official.

Usually, proposing is a surprise but not a surprise, so making it surprising is all about when you actually present the ring. Planning a surprise engagement isn’t hard, even if your soon-to-be fiancée already knows you are proposing. Read on for ideas to make your engagement a memorable and magical moment in your marriage.


Keeping the Secret

Often, couples have already discussed marriage and have possibly gone ring shopping together. This means the surprise is not about the engagement itself, but the way the ring is presented. You might have to hide the ring or tell a few white lies about whether it is ready or whether you can pay for it right then and there. You might also need to think about when the best time to propose is – special occasions and holidays might be perfect, but might also be too hectic or take away from your special moment. Other considerations include whether you want to be alone, or have your engagement party ready to go right away.

Choosing the Ring

Most couples choose the ring together by shopping around, which runs the risk of your fiancée knowing when you receive the ring. When you buy diamonds online you have the opportunity to get the perfect ring for your proposal without tipping off your significant other, even if you found a ring you like in a store. Looking for an engagement ring online can also allow you to customize the ring, as well as find options that can fit your budget. Finally, you can also have the ring delivered on the sly, so your fiancé won’t know you have it till you are down on one knee.

Location, Location, Location

Where you propose can be a very important part of the proposal. Many couples get engaged at a place that has personal meaning to them, even if it is a large public venue, such as a sports arena. Other couples choose a more intimate route, like a picnic or a boat on a lake. Some people might propose during a trip or vacation. Choosing a location is the beginning of your planning because everything else will depend on where you plan to propose. If you plan on proposing outdoors, you might also consider the weather, and have a Plan B in mind in case you have to dash indoors.

Who Should You Invite?

Whether or not to invite people to celebrate your engagement is entirely up to you. There are varying approaches to who to invite as well. Some couples opt for a more intimate proposal and to tell everyone else later. Others choose to have a party and ask in front of friends and family. Still others might only want immediate family present, while others will gather up everyone they know and propose on the Jumbotron at the local sports arena. Children, especially babies, can also be included in the proposal. The decision is entirely up to you, but consider your partner’s personality. This is a special time, and you want it to be a fond memory, so you don’t want more company than your partner is comfortable with.

Make Lots of Memories!

No matter what you choose to do for your surprise engagement, you want it to be memorable for both you and your future spouse. Having a photographer or videographer record the event is one way you can ensure that decades of memories start with your proposal. These pictures can also serve as engagement announcements and anniversary gifts for years to come, and they all start with those four words: “Will you marry me?”

Surprising your soon-to-be fiancé with your proposal might take a little finesse, but in the end can be a fulfilling memory to start off your married life. By consulting your partner’s tastes and the meaningful things in your relationship, you can set up the ambiance. From there, all it takes is the ring and the question!


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