Today Is International Bath Day!!! #FunBathToysForTheKids #bathtimefun

As a parent of a little one bath time can sometimes be a challenge, for some reason Jada always seems to run away when bath time comes. It’s like that girl know the exact time before I begin to run the water…lol. Since today June 14, 2017 is International Bath Day, I wanted to share with you a few great bath toys I know your little one would enjoy!

Your child can now celebrate bath time with the new  Yookidoo SUBMARINE SPRAY WHALE.

You see not your child will be celebrating bath time, before long they all will be Splish, Splashing in the tub!

You may be asking what is this Yookidoo Submarine Whale Bath toy? Well, The Submarine Spray Whale bath toy by Yookidoo is perfect for your little one as it is a fun, engaging way for your child to explore and experience independent play during bath time.

This bath tub spray toy has a  battery operated water pump; when the submarine is submerged, water is drawn up through the whale mouth and blow hole to create a safe, steady stream. The whale shower head is easy to grip, even for small hands, so your child can direct the water stream to make their bath a lively, interactive experience.

The circulating pumping system can even help to save water, as it draws it directly from the tub, so you don’t have to waste it from the tap. The Submarine Spray Whale Baby bath toy is not only a great apparatus to make bath time enjoyable for your child, but helps contribute to your baby or toddler’s personal development through stimulation and interactivity.

Next, we have one of our kids favorite bath toys, at least they were my kids favorite bath toys back in a day. It’s the Duck family…lol!

Rub-A-Dub-Dub! Add a splash of fun to bath time with the floating Duckie Family from Playgro. Your little ducky is sure to have a fun time during bath time with these bright and adorable ducks. My youngest daughter still have her first set of ducks and she is 16. Recommended for ages 6 months+. MSRP: $6.99. Available online at


Next we have the Marcus & Marcus Silicone Bath Toys.

These toys are new and will be great for in tub. Each squirter is made of BPA free and phthalate free silicone. They are not just fun to play with but mold-free which is great! Available in 5 animal character deigns: Marcus the Lion, Pokey the Pig, Lola the Giraffe, Ollie the Elephant and Willo the Whale. They also come in Submarine and Rocket Ship. They retail for $7.99-$9.99 and recommended for 6months and up! Available online  I only worry that the littles ones may try and place these in their mouth so keep your eyes on your children when they play with these bath toys.

OK, on to the next bath time toy which is the HABA’s Bubble Bath Whisk.

This is my first time seeing the HABA’s Bubble Bath Whisk , it reminds me of a mixer/egg beater….lol! But this cool little whisk will provide your child with lots of whirlpool fun. Just stick into the bath water, turn the crank and you will have fantastic foam in your bathtub! For ages 3 years+. MSRP: $7.49. Available online

After all that water fun, you can now dry your little one off with this cute Baby Care by e-cloth’s Luxury Hooded Towel . It’s super-soft, micro-dry technology will dry your little one off quick by absorbing all that water!  The Baby Care by e-cloth’s Luxury Hooded Towel reduces dampness, babies are dryer, warmer and happier after bath time.  Available in Pink, Blue and Grey for ages Birth-12 months. MSRP: $39.99. Available online at
Last we have Flounder (Disney SoapSox)
 Now Flounder is a part of  Disney SoapSox Bath Time collection, he has a soft terry cloth exterior and an anti-microbial sponge interior, built-in finger pockets, he’s machine washable and can be tumbled dry on low. He’s very easy for moms and dads to use. Just add your liquid soap or regular soap, add water and water Flounder lather up. Before long you will be able to wash and scrub baby! You can visit Disney SoapSox  to see their wide selection of Disney SoapSox characters!  
Well, there you have it, a few cool baby bath time toys and accessories I know for a fact your child will enjoy. Remember to visit each link to you can purchase your son or daughter their bath time toys and hooded towel.



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11 thoughts on “Today Is International Bath Day!!! #FunBathToysForTheKids #bathtimefun

  • Aw a national day for the kiddies! What kid didnt grow up loving bathtime. These are some fun toys thanks for sharing

  • I love the spray whale. It’s so nice and definitely my god daughter will love this and my friend, her mommy too! She’ll surely have fun while taking a bath.

  • My mum always goes on about how much I used to love bath toys as a kid. Whenever she has to buy a toddler a present she always goes straight for the bath toys!! Next time she has to get a gift I will refer her to here

  • My kids could of lived in the tub when they were younger. They loved playing with all of their toys that I could never get them out. They would of loved these new bath toys. I was unaware that they had a international bath day. 🙂

  • National Tub Day .. who knew?! I’m loving all of the great toys, especially the fun squirter. Also the rubber ducky. Who doesn’t smile when they see one of those? May have to pick one up for our bathroom. Big kids need to have fun too! x

  • My kids love bath time, and would really enjoy using these toys while in the tub. The submarine with the shower looks so awesome. We would need to have two of them because my kids would want to play with it at the same time.

  • What spray whale is so cute. I wish we had that when my kids were younger. They would have loved this. I think I will add this to a baby shower gift list the next time I have to go to a baby shower!

  • Splish splash, taking a bath! Wow, these look like such fun toys. My little one loves bathtime thanks to the array of fun bath stuff he has to play with when he’s in the water. We somehow manage to get him clean while he entertains himself. I love those cute whales, they are an awesome toy for little bathers. Need to order some for my little man!

  • FINALLY! An excuse for all of those tub toys! I love rubber duckies. I have 3-5 of them, all decked out in different duck attire. Man, one would think that there would be a kid in the house. Nope. Just me!

  • I miss the days of my boys playing with toys in the bath! They were usually cups, cars or balls but these are so cute! I would love to have the rubber ducky now just for decoration in our bathroom. Even though my youngest is 11, I bet he’d like Pokey the Pig (he LOVES pigs!). These would make great gift ideas for baby showers – I have a couple of them coming up!

  • How fun! I had no idea that there even was an International Bath Day! But what a great way to get kids who are afraid of, or who don’t like to take baths, to take one! Of course those adorable toys will hep as well! My niece loves bath time specifically because of her toys! I bet she’d have a blast with that Spray Whale!


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