Unbeatable Activities For A Girly Weekend

There are few things more fun and fabulous than a break with just the girls. Whether it’s a sister reunion, a hen party or anything in between, coming up with your itinerary can be a big part of the fun. Whatever your timescale and budget, there are some wonderful activities you can do to make memories that will last a lifetime.


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 See A Show Or Musical

 The theatre is by no means only for women. Obviously, some of the greatest writers, directors, and performers of all time are male. But there is something about certain outrageous, glitzy shows that comes alive in a group of girls. Sister Act is currently enjoying a reworking. Billy Elliot is a fan favorite, and classics like Carmen or Les Miserable are always popular. The theatre can be a great opportunity to get dressed up and make a whole experience of the day. Singing along with your favorite numbers or swooning over the stars can be a wonderful memory. Be sure to keep the programmer as a reminder, because it’s unlikely you’ll be allowed to take photographs inside. Stay alert for packages and deals if you have a theatre visit in mind. Some major providers also have deals with nearby hotels so you can grab a bargain.

 Visit A Spa

 Spas are luxurious and blissfully relaxing. Choose from a variety of treatments to unwind such as body massages, manicures, pedicures, and facials. Many spas have treatments that target specific concerns such as dry skin, premature ageing or even cellulite. Investigate spa deals in your area to find something to suit you and your group. Some treatments are available in groups or pairs and others are individual. It’s even possible at many spas to enjoy an exercise class like spinning or yoga before taking a refreshing dip in the pool afterwards. A spa day might be a particularly great way to spend time with friends if you are all preparing for another special occasion. Perhaps there is a wedding or graduation coming up, or a formal event that you want to look your best for. The spa day is undoubtedly an event in itself though. So breathe deeply, relax, and pamper!

 Take A Cocktail Mixing Class

Cocktail mixing classes are growing in popularity at a variety of bars and hotels. Many hotels are said to have originated a specific cocktail and offer classes on how to mix the best version. Bars in a city may offer a cocktail master class that teaches you to mix some of the best classic cocktails. Martinis, Cosmopolitans, Mojitos and Daiquiris are all likely to be on the menu! Mixing cocktails can be a wonderful bonding exercise. It can be a great way to develop a new skill or even just feel silly and carefree. If you or any of your party don’t drink or would like to experiment with non-alcoholic alternatives just ask! Some bars have an extensive range of non-alcoholic or “virgin” cocktails. They are just as tantalizing and tasty as their alcoholic equivalents. It can be a perfect party activity that can benefit future parties too! If you have a housewarming or dinner party coming up, wow your guests by mixing the perfect mojito from scratch!

 Have A Luxurious Meal

A long, leisurely meal can be the perfect way to unwind and catch up. If you’re dining out, ensure you choose somewhere with a varied menu and a great atmosphere so that you can dine at your leisure. If you want a meal to last long enough to be an occasion in itself, the trick is to order creatively. A wide selection of starters, taster platters and “tear and share” style options are great ice-breakers. Passing the starters and serving from various plates can get the conversation buzzing all over the table. Even after the mains and dessert, why not add another course? A cheese board, dessert wine, or tea and coffee can be a great way to wind down. Ensure you’ve cleared your diary so you won’t feel rushed. Savor every mouthful.

 A Retro Sleepover

 A girly weekend and catch up doesn’t have to cost the earth. The real aim of meeting with our friends and family is to hear about their lives and feelings. To relive memories and create new ones together. That can definitely be achieved without spending money if we don’t want to. If you’re on a budget or just in the market for a cozy activity, why not try a retro style sleepover? Grab a few films or TV boxsets, invite your loved ones, add some snacks and you have the perfect party. Add cushions and sleeping bags so everyone feels snug and cozy. The advantage of a sleepover rather than a dinner party or other get-together is that you’re not constantly watching the clock! There is no need to book taxis home or avoid the booze if you’re driving. Sit back, relax, and have fun – just like the good old days.


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