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Top 5 Video Games for Online Esports Betting

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Betting on esports has been a recent discovery in the gambling industry. You are free to bet on any esports game the same as your bet on traditional sports. Choose a reliable bookmaker, the game you like, and the sum of money to put at stake. In fact, not many multiplayer games are played in official esports tournaments. Below, we will mention the most popular ones covered by https://cover.gg/.


Top Video Games for Esports Betting

More and more people are interested in esports games every day. The reasons for that include their intention to win the competitions and collect huge prize pools. A lot of popular gaming websites have already included esports in their markets so you will have a selection of video games to choose from.


Epic Games has created this video game to let a great number of players join the battles at the same time. Once the teams land on a map, they have to look for weapons and various items while moving forward. The last player left will become the winner of the game. Simple yet interesting gameplay has taken Epic Games to the pedestal. Attractive odds along with regular updates encourage approximately 40 million people to join Epic Games’ events such as the Summer and Fall Skirmish tournament series every year.

Call of Duty

Whatever ranking of the most popular esports games you will check, you will surely find Call of Duty there. Being released about 20 years ago, it has gained huge success in the gaming community. More than 400 million copies of the game are currently in circulation and that size of popularity has made up a solid base for the development of the Call of Duty competitive esports environment. The game’s attractiveness to the gambling community can hardly be exaggerated as well.

League of legends

One of the most played multiplayer games has an overly positive reputation in the gaming and betting communities. The game is a perfect choice for players with different levels of expertise. However, betting on it might be quite a challenge for beginners. After all, a lot of factors are changing so guessing a winner becomes difficult. Just take a look at the League of Legends World Championship, being conducted regularly! It gives you a great chance to make a solid profit based on your gaming competence.

Dota 2

Many pro gamers like comparing Dota 2 to League of Legends. The games do have some similarities in characters, missions, and overall features. But it doesn’t mean that they offer you the same gaming experience. This is especially the case for those gamers who decide to bet on their favorite game. They will have to research and analyze different aspects of the game. The statistics are going to be different as well.

At the same time, you can benefit from those similarities. When betting on League of Legends or Dota, you can transfer your betting skills and knowledge from one game to another. Fortunately, the coverage of Dota 2 and League of Legends is more or less the same among bookmakers. This makes it easier for bettors to pick a betting platform with the most attractive terms and conditions. Make sure to check the details before making the final choice.


Football is one of the most popular kinds of sports. It didn’t take a while for it to get a virtual version. FIFA esports involves all the traditional aspects of a real game – players, teams, tournaments, and rules. There is roughly a tiny difference in the betting process itself as bettors don’t bet on the entire team but on the particular player.

For now, FIFA can’t compete with the mastodons such as CS:GO or LoL. But it has quite a large army of fans that stick with their favorite game no matter what.

Are There Any More Options?

Esports betting keeps solidifying its place on the bookmakers’ sites even though it’s very new. More and more people become fans of esports for all the right reasons. The main source of their motivation is based on the opportunity to bet on their favorite game and make a solid profit while having a great experience.

With that being said, it’s still a good idea to take a closer look at each video game and pick the one you are actually interested in. This will make the whole gaming and betting process more enjoyable.


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