Why You Need Webroot: Smarter Cybersecurity

“Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Webroot in conjunction with Blog Meets Brand and I have been compensated for my participation. All opinions are my own.”

When it comes to safety on the internet you want to make sure you are secure whether it is your children or yourself.  There are so many ways that you can be compromised out there in cyberspace and it is up to you to make that safety a reality.

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Webroot: Smarter Cybersecurity has so many advantages but two very important ones are  the increase in identity theft and credit card fraud.  Sadly there are people out there that spend their days figuring out how to take advantage of a person.

With Webroot: Smarter Cybersecurity their real-time unique security will not compromise the speed of your system.  They have made sure that their program is advanced so that their anti-ransomware and zero-day threat solutions due to the increase in threats in these sectors are up to par. This advantage will make you feel safe when using their cyber security program.  Webroot is a security leader in the IoT sector. Threat risks have expanded through computing devices with embedded internet connectivity including digital home systems, smarts TVs, car navigation and communication systems.

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How Webroot: Smarter Cybersecurity is Above the Competition

Instead of scanning for the usual issues, Webroot goes a step further and scans for anything that appears suspicious and then blocks the threat immediately.  Because this program is light-weight it will not make your computer drag and often helps an older computer run more smoothly as well as prolonging its life.  If you have ever noticed with other security programs you can only run “their” security program.  With Webroot’s program, it can run right along  any other security programs without issue.

You will be impressed to find out that all Webroot suite products will protect your PC, Antivirus for Mac and mobile devices including Android, Amazon Fire, and iOS. With just having one company product you will have no worries that you can use this for any of the aforementioned devices . If you can even imagine it, Webroot has identified 25,000 new malicious URLs daily and continues to keep up on the issues that lay waiting for you out in the dark cyber world. Even phishing is covered with Webroot.  If you are not sure what ‘phishing’ is, just think about actual fishing but instead of fishing for fish, they are phishing for your information.

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Although there are so many key advantages with Webroot I want to make sure I mention a few more below.

  • They process over 5 billion daily lookups, protecting users from over 12 million malicious IP addresses every day.
  • Their analysis engine reads real-time feeds of threat data from over 37 million devices providing an always up-to-date view of current threats and enabling almost instant protection from new infections.
  • Webroot uses 5 MB of memory during system idle which is 9 times less than the next closest competitor.
  • Their technology does not load customers’ computers with large amounts of threat definitions files like traditional security solutions but instead leverages the cloud to perform threat detection and management.  This is such a positive when there are so many other things  you would rather have on your computer’s memory.
  • If you have ever scanned your computer with a competitors virus scans they always seem to take FOREVER.  Not with Webroot, scheduled scan times average 1 minute 29 seconds which is 15 times faster than the average competitor’s scan.
  • Their installation file is under 750 KB and installs 20 times faster than their closest competitor.  What does this mean to you? Before you know it, you will be on your way to being protected.

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I love the one click installation.  I found it faster than most any programs I have had to download.  Identity Theft Protection is there in the background doing its job to protect your personal information, usernames, and account numbers.  Now I do not have to worry about those things and concentrate more on the reason I am on my computer in the first place.  Since I do a majority of my shopping online I definitely feel better going forward.  Another awesome advantage is it proactively checks websites for malicious content and blocks fake sites that trick you into entering personal information.  <——That right there is key to me, these fake sites that pose as real ones can be very hard to differentiate anymore.  I feel safer knowing that Webroot will be helping me by recognizing these for me. It will be the only Antivirus program I will be using from now on.

Last but not least

  • Hassle-Free Cloud Security: Set it and forget it, cloud based protection offers real-time updates to secure against known and newly discovered threats.
  • Webcam Protection: Detects and blocks webcam spying threats. This is priceless.  I myself do not really like to use my webcam because it makes me nervous not knowing what threats are out there.
  • Up to $50.00 off Webroot SecureAnywhere Internet Security Complete.
  • **Satisfaction Guaranteed:  If you are unsatisfied, get your money back within 70 days of purchase.

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“Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Webroot in conjunction with Blog Meets Brand and I have been compensated for my participation. All opinions are my own.”



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