Top 7 Reasons to Rent a Car in Detroit

People make plans for many things. You make plans to travel, to see a show, to go to a dinner party, to celebrate an event, to take a break, to do countless things. Many thoughts such as time, date, location, etc. also go into consideration when making these plans. Detroit is one of the largest, most populous cities in the United States and the largest in Michigan, a U.S. state. Many things that originated from that city made it popular today and one of them is its connection with autos. It is referred to as the ‘motor city’ because of its history in the automotive industry. It started with Ford and others came along. It is also famous for its music, art, and architecture. Definitely a great city at its peak.


Focusing on its connection with autos, it comes as no surprise that automobile transportation is the main means of transport in this city. This has made the city not only an American car company but also a worldwide car company. Worldwide, car rentals are one of the things that are gradually becoming a key market trend today and Detroit is not being left behind. Everyone rents a car for different reasons at different locations. You can find yourself in this city for a couple of different reasons and you can rent a car to make your trip easier and smooth.

There are many car rental companies in Detroit located at a different number of locations that offer their services to the different calibers of people. As long as one is within the recommended driving age, and has their driving license and budget in hand, one is good to go. Car rental companies such as Alamo, Hertz, dollar, enterprise, etc. are located everywhere including the airport. If you are in the city, you can inquire at Alamo car rental Detroit airport. It comes highly recommended and they offer great services.

Not everyone has had experience in renting a car and in some scenarios, not everyone has great things to say about rental cars. Therefore, if you are thinking or considering renting a car and you are skeptical, here are some reasons that might convince you to go ahead and act on that thought.

Why rent a car in Detroit?

  • You can make reservations by booking online or directly at the counter depending on what suits you. Booking online might be favorable for those coming to Detroit from different cities. 
  • If you are skeptical about any Detroit car rental company, you can make a reservation by depositing a small fee to secure your car. You can then make full payments when you pick up your car on arrival. You will not be charged extra fees.
  • Access to a variety of cars at your disposal: Yes, you can buy or have your car at your expense but you cannot experience all cars. In the motor city, economy, premium or luxury cars are not lacking. You can have the experience of trying out different cars just by renting.
  • Affordable prices: Sometimes, you might think to yourself and ask the question ‘is it worth it to rent a car? Yes, it is. Because renting a car is very cheap. You save money when you rent a car in comparison to when you use taxis and other transport means. Indirectly, you also save time. Depending on your choice of car, prices at low rates are available.
  • The cars that are given out for rent are adequately maintained therefore they are reliable and safe to drive.
  • Deals and discounts: you can get free deals; earn points, free cancelations, free upgrades, etc. when you rent consistently with a rental company.
  • Quality service: as the saying, the customer is the boss. There are services in place to tend to the customers and make their experience smooth and trouble-free.
  • Tourist experience: with a car at your fingertips, you can explore/tour every part of the city; check out the restaurants, shops, art galleries, etc. 


There are countless fun things to do in the Motor City and several places to visit. If you are a lover of automobiles or someone who wants to work in the automotive industry, Detroit is the city you need to visit.


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