Top 6 Office Gadgets Turn Workspace into a Smart Office

An office is a place where a lot of white-collar workers spend most of the day. He/she definitely wants to create the perfect atmosphere at work and get useful knowledge about an office life. That is why he/she equips the workplace with the best gadgets and periodically visits the website, which contains lots of useful tips, company development tidings, etc. As for the gadgets, let’s get acquainted with 6 office must-haves that contribute to stress eliminating and productivity increasing.

  1. Window-mounted solar charger. This small unit is attached to the nearest window on the sunny side and began to generate and accumulate energy in the built-in battery. It is fixed using a reusable silicone pad and has several outlets for different devices recharging. The unit is in a form of a compact case and is equipped with a lithium-ion battery, the capacity of which doesn’t exceed the 1400 mAh.
  2. Smart under-desk elliptical. A great solution will allow you to simultaneously work on your current tasks and physical training. Just place the gadget under your work table and enjoy the walking process, staying in the office. Each person has to make 10.000 steps a day to reduce the risks of heart attacks, diabetes, and even cancer appearance. You can sync the device to your fitness tracker and monitor the progress. Many models are equipped with USB connectors, power, and Ethernet sockets for easy operation. Remember, a healthy body makes a healthy spirit!
  3. 2 in 1 USB fridge. It is a modern device that combines the function of heating and cooling. A regular cup can be easily placed in this small gadget, as well as a half-liter can of Coca-Cola. The device cools or heats up any beverage to the desired temperature in a matter of minutes. All you need is to connect the fridge to the USB port. The gadget operates in a temperature range from 14 to 176 degrees Fahrenheit.
  4. CableDrop. Unusual drop-holder is supplemented by the sticky base and a notch for the wire in the center. The clip is made of flexible silicone, due to which it carefully and firmly holds the cord, preventing it from falling. Remove the protective film, clip the holder in a convenient place, and then fix the wire you need in it.
  5. Weilai Magic cleaning gel. The device has a gel-like consistency and is used for keyboard treatment. It is soft and easily smeared on the object’s surface. The gel can help get rid of dirt and crumbs, as well as to remove dust from hard-to-reach places. There are no traces on things after the Weilai Magic use, moreover, it doesn’t stick to hands. It needs to be well kneaded and distributed on the keyboard. Then it has to be taken over and removed.
  6. Noise-canceling headphones. Due to its design, the headphones partially isolate external sounds with special ear cushions. Inserts simply overlap the ear canal, thereby creating noise insulation. Some models can skip only harsh sounds and limit human speech. Most of them are wireless and light.

Improve your workplace and office life will be brighter!



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