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Time for Air Duct Cleaning? 5 Signs That You Can’t Wait Any Longer

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You rarely think of them, but they’re the reason your home is so comfortable. When last did you clean your air ducts?

Follow your neighbors’ example. When they realize it’s time for air duct cleaning Ventura based professionals are called in for the job.

 When you see the reasons why a regular visit from them is necessary, you’ll probably have it done today. Waiting increases many risks to you and your family.

 Here’s a list to help you determine when it’s time to make that call. 


5 Signs You Can’t Ignore

You Suspect Mold

Air ducts are all about keeping the interior of your home ventilated, warm and conditioned. But that means humid and warm air pass through these channels all the time.

And you know hot, humid spaces are prime breeding grounds for mold. If this escalates the air going into your rooms will no longer be as hygienic as before. The only way to prevent this is to clean the vent.

How do you know it’s time? Investigate, but also be alert. You may pick up on unfamiliar smells or your family may have allergic reactions.

Do You Have a Pest Problem?

Allergic reactions can also be sparked by pest infestations. You know the creatures we all hate sometimes enter our homes:



          Insects such as bed mites


 Somehow they manage to stay out of our reach. And what is one of the best places to hide from you? You rarely check your air vents. This gives them time to nest there.

The signs you’ll see are crumbs in the kitchen or their waste in corners of the room.

If you don’t pick up on this problem from the start, an occasional visitor will turn into a full blown pest problem. Then you’ll need exterminators and air duct cleaners.

The smarter option as a home owner is to have your air ducts checked regularly.

 How Dusty is it in There?

Not all problems make you cringe with disgust. Even everyday dust should prompt you to have your air ducts checked.

Yes, your air conditioning system is designed to work even when dust accumulates inside. But if you see dust billowing from the supply registers you have a problem. Too much dust particles have accumulated or some of the pathways are blocked by hair and debris.

Instead of supplying you with a comfortable interior atmosphere your AC system is blowing dust all over.

It’s time to call the professionals. After all, why get yourself filthy if someone will do the dirty work for you?

Is Your Family Getting Sick More Often?

Perhaps you’re not very perceptive. My sense of smell is very limited. I won’t know mold is growing unless I see it in front of me.

But I am conscious of what’s going on with my family. Are your children complaining of headaches or sinus problems more frequently than a year ago?

 Yes, there can be many reasons. But the quickest way to eliminate one is to check your air ducts. More often than not the problem is solved instantly and you don’t even have to visit the doctor.

 Always After Renovation

Imagine all the renovations you did. Almost all of the tasks involve some form of dust. Throughout renovations the air is thick with it.

And where will this debris end up? You probably used your AC system to make it more breathable inside. And so it goes straight to the air ducts

The Benefits You’re Missing Out On

While some professionals argue regular cleaning is unnecessary, they don’t consider all the implications.

Yes, we’ve mentioned health as a prime reason to schedule regular cleaning. But what about saving money because your system is more efficient? And I promise your house will smell fresher the moment you get this tended to. Have I given you enough reasons to make this a priority now?


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