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Fun Bathroom Décor You Need In Your Home

If you’ve just moved into a new home or rented accommodation – especially if you’ve moved into university halls – your bathroom can often be a little drab and in need of some TLC.

Although it may seem as if bathrooms should be kept simple, they needn’t be bland. Inject some joy into your life by making your bathroom fun and vibrant – you won’t regret it!

Here are the 9 best kooky bathroom décor ideas you’ll love.

  1. Rubber ducks

Rubber ducks are the beloved bathroom accessory every household needs. Even if you don’t actually take them in the bath with you, they still make for super cute decoration around the edge of your bath tub. They also make great gifts for other homeowners, and are available in various, colors, patterns and sizes – you could even start a collection!

  1. Funky shower curtain

If your bathroom is feeling bland, why not buy an unorthodox shower curtain?

You can buy funny shower curtains in all styles and colors – some with cartoon characters on them, or a Psychothemed one, or even one with Kim Kardashian’s face on. They will be sure to bring some laughs to you and your guests, and also make great gifts for new homeowners.

  1. Artwork and prints

Don’t be afraid to decorate your bathroom walls – you can be as gaudy as you please. A common motif used for decorating bathrooms is the ocean. Feel free to adopt the sea theme by using a lot of blues and whites and by hanging prints and photo frames adorned with starfish and seashells.

  1. Toilet cover and mat

A great way to personalize your bathroom whilst making it more comfortable is to buy a toilet seat cover and matching mat. They are available in various styles, colors and patterns, so you’ll find one that suits your bathroom needs. They will make going to the toilet in the morning a cozier experience!

  1. Novelty accessories

If you really want your bathroom to come alive, why not introduce novelty touches?

You can buy novelty soap dispensers and toothbrush holders which can liven up your bathroom space. And don’t worry about mismatching either – an eclectic bathroom space is more fun, so for any random trinkets or miscellaneous objects you have collected from your travels the bathroom is the place for them!

  1. Colorful towels and towel peg

If perhaps you don’t want to go too overboard with your bathroom design, but you still want to inject some color into it, introduce some simple pops of color. These can be in the form of colorful towels and towel pegs/racks. Simply decided on a color theme, for example, white and red, and only use the red on small accessories like towels or pegs and leave the walls plain white.

  1. Magazine rack/book shelf

It should be the norm for bathrooms to include a magazine rack or book shelf. If yours doesn’t and you’re looking for that final corner piece, then a magazine rack is a great addition. Use it to hold all your stylish publications and books to improve the aesthetic of the room.

  1. Plants

Plants are a great way to bring life to any room. Whether you prefer real or fake plants, they can make a space feel more airy and bright. Some plant species may not survive in the moist temperature of the bathroom, but the ones that will survive include: spider plant, bamboo, cast iron plant, Boston fern, begonia, dracaena and Chinese evergreen.

  1. Funky robe and slippers

If you are struggling to make you bathroom lively (or you simply don’t have the space) but you still want to add some personality, you can always hang your funky robe or dressing gown on the back of the door and leave your cool slippers on display. Anything goes in the bathroom!

With these 9 décor suggestions, the bathroom will no longer be a drab, lifeless room, but a haven of fun, laughs and vibrancy!


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