Selling a House With Flat Fee MLS Listing in Kentucky

Using a listing agent, you’ll spend upwards of $10,000; money you can save if you know the formula to a successful FSBO sale. But many sellers are hesitant because they don’t want to navigate the sale alone. You don’t have to feel uneasy if you use the one-step process below, which only requires you to find the best flat fee MLS Kentucky homeowners can access. If you follow that with preparing your home, you have a winning process that will save time and money.

Choosing the Best Flat Fee MLS

Many of the flat fee MLS Kentucky FSBO sellers use have limited features, functionality, or syndication, which makes finding a well-rounded multiple listing service challenging. However, spending the extra time finding one that ticks all those boxes is worth it if you want a quick sale at a lucrative price. These top 3 picks for flat fee MLSs in Kentucky should help you narrow your list.


Houzeo has a plethora of valuable features, excellent syndication and functionality. The service is a flat fee of $429 with a $299 state charge at closing. For that fee, you get on any local multiple listing service Kentucky homeowners need for a quick sale. You can upload the maximum number of photographs allowed by the MLS in addition to having an escrow agent and state and federal disclosures. 

Furthermore, you get to do everything online: from listing to closing. This saves you hours, and you get to select a buyer agent commission that reflects your budget, saving you even more in commission.

Mink Realty

Mink Realty has some of the features, all of the syndication, and lacks the ease of use of competitors. Overall, you can spend anywhere from $749 to $1,249 listing and closing using Mink Realty. On the lower end ($749) you get many features offered by Houzeo like max photographs and syndication on Kentucky MLS. However, you don’t get much support. Mink forwards you the particulars of interested buyers, then afterward, you are left to fend for yourself without the assistance of a realtor or a competent digital system.

NKY Flat Fee

NKY operates exclusively in Kentucky. They are the least cost-effective option on this list, charging a total of $1,499, the bulk of which you pay at closing.

Similar to Mink Realty, NKY has enough features to make it into the top three, especially when compared to other flat fee MLS like Flat Fee Group. Some of its notable features include offering assistance with appraisals, inspection, and closing, in addition to providing signage and a lockbox. But they fall short on syndication and use an outdated system that makes the process far more time-consuming. When you compare the price of this option to other multiple listing service Kentucky homeowners use, it’s marginally better than others but doesn’t compete much with the top 2 selections.

After you have selected the best flat fee MLS Kentucky FSBO sellers use, you can focus your attention on preparing the property and making it more appealing to potential buyers.


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