5 Unusual Situations Where a Printing Expert is Your Best Solution

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 Do you often wonder how that guy with the printing shop is still making a living? We live in a digital age and an increasing number of things are happening online. Just think of marketing. Didn’t printing become redundant?

 Yes, times have changed. But you obviously haven’t been inside a printing outlet lately. And that’s why you’re missing out on all these unique services they can help you with.

 I bet you’re looking for someone that specializes in one of these areas.


I loved the feedback after our wedding. With a limited budget we had to adjust our focus from quantity to quality. And personalization was one of our favorite tools.

Why spend a fortune on your guests’ gifts if you can make them feel special simply by adding their names to simple gifts. Our home made gifts each had a beautifully designed name tag and personal message. In hindsight I prefer this to the impersonal salt and pepper holders we originally wanted.

Not sure how to get this right? Here are a few tips:

          A personalized bottle of wine for each family is less expensive than a gift for each member.

          Give each guest a photograph featuring you and them.

          Ask someone to bake biscuits. Add a personalized tag to each package. Your guests will know you appreciate them.

 And for all these gifts you can ask your nearest San Diego printing company for quality designing and printing.

 Gifts and Personalized Items

And who do you turn to when you’ve forgotten someone’s birthday?

No. Don’t purchase a generic item online. I love effortless ordering too. But what about putting only a moment’s thought into the gift?


          A cake with a personalized message or even an edible photograph on top

          Organize a gathering where all the decorations are personalized

          Use a favorite image—such as a flower or cartoon character—and customize wooden objects by transferring the images onto them

 Once again your local printer will help you solve your problem.

 Tax Returns

Do you hate doing your tax return as much as I do? Partly it’s because some documents I need to submit are too large to scan at home.

 For the past few years I make one trip to my local printer and the industrial machines handle my problem for me. The quality printing and high resolution scanning allow all detail to be seen clearly & I can easily scan, file and submit it now.

 Construction and Renovation

This same idea works for construction.

 The new project is going to be a major success. And you have the perfect presentation to get all your business partners on board.

But the project is huge and you need their full support. How do you ensure they go home with the detail that’s going to put their minds at rest?

Most printing outlets can turn your large format engineering or architectural plans into user friendly sizes. And the quality will still be excellent.

 Are your business partners from a younger generation that wants everything in digital form? Your printer will help with that too. Simply put everything on USB memory sticks in the format they prefer.

This is where you’re wrong in your thinking. Printing businesses didn’t get stuck in a previous era. They moved with the times and they will help you navigate this new digital world better than before


I hope you see printing companies are still central to our functioning. But I must reiterate that this relates to marketing as well.

Yes, digital marketing has taken the world by storm. But printed items should still be part of any marketing campaign.

Tangible items make more impact. Those who read long pieces of information are more likely to remember it when it’s presented on paper than on screen.

 If you want to influence people you can’t ignore this medium.


Sometimes we don’t see the solution right in front of us. We complain the world has become too impersonal. But do your decisions lead to people feeling detached or noticed, cared for and comfortable? A simple service provider such as a printer can help you impact your world.




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