The top 3 places to visit in England if you want the best Sea views

England is one of the most beautiful countries that one can visit because of the wide range of attractions that it has to offer. An individual who loves the sea and sea views will find England irresistible because it’s basically like a huge island and there is no shortage of sea views to enjoy.  Another addition is that most of these places offer great visuals and they are in close proximity to social amenities. Not to mention, they can be good places for those who want to get away from the busy hustle and bustle of the city life. 

There are many places in England that one can visit for simply sea views which are spectacular. Let’s analyze the top 3 places in England that one can go to for an escape by the sea. 

  1. Seven Sisters, East Sussex

Seven Sisters in Sussex is one of the best places to visit with one of the most captivating sea views. The name comes from the cliffs on the shoreline. This area is known to have a dramatic coastline that stretches for miles. What makes this place stand out is the pristine white chalk cliffs that are breathtaking. This place is popular with people who are looking for a quiet and serene environment where they can enjoy a spectacular sea view backed up by pure white cliffs. Seven Sisters is also popular with hiking and running enthusiasts because of the long stretch of beach that it has to offer. Seven Sisters is also popular with those who love swimming, bird watching, and partaking in outdoor activities. Surrounding the Seven Sisters there are very nice hotels, some of which are old and built in the 16th century!

  1. Woolacombe Sands

Woolacombe is another magnificent place to visit known for its golden sand beach which stretches over 3 miles. The beach is so beautiful offering a captivating seaside view and it was voted Beach of the year in 2021. The beach is backed by huge dunes carved by the Atlantic breaks. Woolacombe is popular with surfers as it offers great conditions for surfing and other water and outdoor activities like kitesurfing and kayaking. Woolacombe is a great place not only with a great sea view but a place to take the family.

  1. Hunstanton

 Hunstanton is another great place in Norfolk that offers the best seaside view. What is the most captivating thing about it is the stripped cliffs that stand tall in the backdrop. Hunstanton is the only place in England where it is possible to see the sun rise and set on a given day. It is a great place for relaxing and unwinding and it’s not far from local establishments where you can have lazy afternoons. The long stretch of beach offers a nice place for sunbathing, swimming, and other outdoor activities. There are many hotels and nice establishments where one can stay as they enjoy spectacular views of the sunrise and sunset.

These are some of the best places but there are other places that one can explore that offer unforgettable sea views.


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