The iPhone 6 Offers Moms On the Go a Variety of Useful Features.


Between work, kids, and maintaining a household, today’s mom most likely has a lot on her plate. Fortunately, recent technological advances have made keeping up with a busy lifestyle far easier than it used to be. Modern moms can use innovative technology like iPhones to manage appointments, purchase much-needed items, and even take memorable photos of their family.
This is certainly the case when it comes to the iPhone 6, which has built upon past versions to afford superior smartphone technology. Apple’s latest addition is already a verified hit thanks to its numerous revamped features, which most moms can use to greatly simplify their myriad of daily tasks. Accordingly, such features can help every mom meet the demands of both work and family life, no matter what that may entail.

Features Suited to the Modern Mom

While the iPhone 6 affords an abundance of useful features, there are quite a few that are perfectly suited to the often hectic lifestyle of the modern mom. These enhanced features address practical concerns related to navigation and usability, in addition to greatly improving image capturing for both still pictures and video.

Increased Screen Size Both the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus have larger screen sizes than past iPhone versions. This affords easier navigation and viewing when the iPhone 6 is paired with a trustworthy carrier, which can be important when using your phone to keep restless kiddies entertained anytime and anywhere. Image quality has also greatly improved thanks to the Retina HD display, which allows 1080p HD viewing, as well as 401 ppi.

Extended Battery Life – A common issue with many smartphones involves the ever decreasing battery lifespan. The iPhone 6 has addressed this issue with its all-new A8 processor, which offers increased battery life along with faster computing power. Additionally, the iPhone 6 Plus’s larger design features an even larger battery, which allows a whopping 12 hours of web browsing without requiring a recharge.

Superior Pictures and Videos – Many moms user their smartphones to snap pictures of their families. Advances made to iPhone camera technology offers improved quality for pictures and video, which is important when capturing memories to be cherished for a lifetime. The newly added Focus Pixels sensor greatly enhances a number of important functions, including face detection and exposure. These features can help cut down on blur and improve picture quality in those less-than-ideal conditions.

Enlarged Storage Capability – Increasing storage is also a common concern for many iPhone users. Apple has met this challenge by enlarging storage capacity up to 128 GB. This upgrade is particularly important when recording things like kids’ sporting events or school plays. Running out of storage in these situations can be heartbreaking, which is why the advanced storage space on the iPhone 6 is so valuable to moms.

Don’t Forget the Accessories


Of course, accessories are an important part of getting the most from your new iPhone 6. The right accessories can serve to make life a bit easier for harried moms, as well as offer enhanced entertainment capabilities during times of rest and relaxation. This includes things like external memory expansion, wireless speakers, and attractive cases that offer both protection and aesthetic appeal.

Fitness-minded moms are sure to love the many great accessories aimed at increasing one’s health and well-being. The SUPCASE Armband makes toting your iPhone during workouts far easier, while the Withings Aura Sleep System allows users to track and monitor sleep cycles. When it comes to personal safety, the Mother accessory utilizes attachable motion sensor technology to alert inhabitants of home intrusions, as well as offering a variety of other useful apps. This is just a small sampling of the many great accessories iPhone 6 users can utilize to optimize their experience.

More Than Just a Smartphone

While motherhood can be tough, having the right support system in place is sure to make all the difference at the end of the day. Such support can include advancing technology, which can be extremely helpful when dealing with daily tasks related to either workplace duties or responsibilities within the home.


From optimal entertainment functionality to the ability to monitor and improve health, the iPhone 6 offers a lot more than your standard smartphone. That’s why modern moms are so hooked on this unbelievable technology. For those contending with increasingly busy lifestyles, complete with numerous obstacles along the way, Apple’s latest iPhone can prove to be an ideal addition for moms everywhere.


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