8 Hilarious Ways People Have Destroyed Their iPhones.

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There are a few people who profit off of breaking iPhones in an effort to help consumers better understand how to protect their extremely expensive smart phone. But most of the time iPhone destruction is completely unintentional. Given that our smartphones are always within reach, there are plenty of opportunities for an unfortunate mishap.

Needless to say, many people have wished they had an iPhone screen protector and case, but it was a little too late. For your entertainment, we’ve rounded up some of the craziest, most hilarious ways that people have damaged or destroyed their iPhones. If it’s happened to you hopefully enough time has passed that you can now laugh about it.

iPhone Drop That Destroyed a Rollercoaster

According to iPhone reseller Gazelle, the most commonly cited way people break their phones is by dropping them. The second most common destruction category is “other”. One of the craziest stories from the latter category involved a person dropping their phone at the wrong time.

A user reported that they dropped their phone while riding a rollercoaster, and it got wedged into the inner workings. Not only did their phone get crushed, it also caused the roller coaster to stall and get stuck half way through the ride. The amusement park was able to get people off the ride, but it was out of commission for months.

Angry Kids

Are you raising a brat? One way you can tell is if your kid purposely destroys an iPhone during a temper tantrum. I’ve seen a number of appallingly funny videos online where kids decide to retaliate by destroying a parent or sibling’s phone. Now some parents are doing the same, but as punishment for their kid’s misbehavior. Boy, is that an expensive lesson.

Sleepwalker Phone Washing

One iPhone user reported that her smartphone was the victim of sleepwalking. The woman’s husband, a regular sleepwalker, got up one night and decided to give her phone a good washing at the kitchen sink. Not only did he rinse it he also lathered it up with soap.

Knives, Water, and iPhones Are a Dangerous Combination

Brad B., another Gazelle customers, shared a painfully hilarious story about how he destroyed his phone and ended up in the emergency room on the first day he got his new iPhone. Brad was using a new chef’s knife by the kitchen sink when his new iPhone rang. In his hurry to answer the phone Brad dropped the knife, which went all the way through his foot. When he reached for his iPhone to call for help he knocked it into the sink full of water. Luckily the call for help went through right before the phone died. Looks like he needs the new waterproof iPhone 7.

Flushing a Perfectly Good Phone

Countless iPhones have been lost to the bowels of toilets. But Brandy Townsend shared a story with Buzzfeed that explains why this happens so frequently. Forgetting that her phone was in her back pocket, Brandy prepared to do her business. Before she could, Brandy heard the dreaded plunk of her phone hitting the water followed by the automatic toilet flusher finishing the job.

Breaking an iPhone to Prove It Can Bend

Do you remember when the iPhone 6 came out and it was supposed to be able to bend and flex without breaking? Well, some users took that a little too literally. Many iPhones were put out of service by owners who wanted to test the bendability. They learned that every iPhone has its limits. If you need a good laugh do a search for iPhone bends and breaks on YouTube.

Karate Kicks Gone Wrong

Sometimes it’s our friends that cause the demise of our phones. Jessica Ha Doan admitted to Buzzfeed that she accidentally destroyed her cousin’s phone in an attempt to kick her in the butt. Doan missed and instead kicked her cousin in the hand causing her iPhone to go flying.

Accidentally Cooking Your iPhone

There have been a number of stories in which people inadvertently cook their iPhone. One McDonald’s worker reportedly dropped their phone into a fryer while on shift. Another blamed a waiter for causing them to drop their phone into a pot of grease while eating at a restaurant. Just one more reason why it’s a good idea to put the phone away when you’re out to eat.



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