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Sauna and Weight Loss – Does Sauna Burn Calories.

Sauna – Then and Now

Saunas were created in Finland more than 1000 years ago. These facilities were buried on the slopes of the hills that were used as primitive maternity. Today, sauna is a modern facility, and it can be installed even in your home!

As it is usually known, sauna burns calories and serves to detoxify the body and relax the spirit and body by using a thermasol steam generator or an electric tankless hot water. That is true. However, it is definitely not its only purpose and sauna definitely has a much wider range of its activities.

Does Sauna burn calories?

During use of the sauna, through the sweating, you are losing a certain amount of water and burn calories, which affects the weight, but it is a current loss of weight that is quickly replaced. However, the sauna is a great fit in a detoxification program for weight loss and burning calories. It speeds up the metabolism and is a great tool for keeping and maintaining weight loss. Moreover, it will quickly burn food and pads on the abdomen and thighs.


Sauna has a positive effect on the reduction of cellulite. Alternation of hot and cold strengthens the connective tissue and promotes the excretion of excess fluid and harmful substances from the tissues, the major cause of ugly cellulite.

Since the sauna, with all the health benefits, is also a kind of burden for the entire body, which all its functions must adapt to very specific conditions, the body needs a certain period to train a and gain fitness.

During the stay in the sauna for a period of 10 minutes, the body excretes on average from 0.6 to 1.2 liters of sweat. As a result, clean all the pores and secrete harmful substances from the body

New technologies – Infrared sauna

Despite traditional saunas, development of modern technologies was developed and hi-tech alternatives as well. We are talking about infrared sauna! What is infrared sauna? It uses the beneficial group of natural light to heat the innermost organs and tissues, in order to soften them and to remove the crystallized lethal toxin and the acidic waste.

Infrared heat is a pleasant heat that deeply permeates the tissue and provides a positive effect on the skin, muscle, tension, joints, digestion, pain and immune system as well. Such heat treats and relaxes the muscle and tendon, stimulates bone formation, with pain relief, reviving skin, regulating blood pressure, stimulates metabolism, blood circulation, and the heart muscle.

Sauna burns calories and that has a positive effect on digestion, the energy centers and activates the immune system. Infrared light penetrates deep into the fat and muscles, creating a more powerful, direct detox impact on the deeper tissues of the body.

Does infrared sauna is better than traditional?

Home infrared sauna is easier to bear, not too burdened breathing and stimulates profuse sweating. Infrared lamps emit a form of energy that is directly transmitted to the body thanks to its particular wavelength.

This energy is completely safe and natural, as well as solar energy, but without the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays. The home infrared sauna will provide rapid weight loss. 15 minutes in infrared sauna room is effective for weight loss as well as 30 minutes of running or rowing!

The holistic approach of optimizing the weight and the fight with excessive pounds, compared with the corresponding feeding system and appropriate sports and recreational programs, the systematic application of infrared sauna can significantly contribute to eliminating of the excess body fat and reducing or eliminating the many problems and ailments associated with obesity. In an infrared sauna, you can burn up to 700 calories in one session of 20 to 25 minutes.

Sauna has a significant effect on combating stress, relaxes, relieves tension, brings good sleep, solves problems with insomnia, and reduces anger and tension.

How to use Sauna to burn calories

  • Before entering the sauna remove the rings, chains, earrings.
  • Should take a shower and dry well before entering
  • The sauna entered only if the skin is dry, or good deleted.
  • Do not enter with the full stomach, and spend most 20 – 30 minutes inside.
  • Be calm and relaxed, for better regulation of heat and sweating. After the treatment, shower with lukewarm water, as colder as you can bear, starting from the legs to the heart.

Combine sauna with healthy habits

The sauna can burn your calories, and with proper use and in combination with healthy food and physical activity, you may reduce your weight and what is most important that calories will not return easily!


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