5 Signs Your Loved One Has Relapsed Into Addiction

Overcoming addiction is never going to be an easy task and there are likely to be a few false dawns along the way when relapses occur. It can be particularly hard when you are trying to support a loved one so that they can get through their addiction treatment, especially when you see a sign that suggests they are falling into a relapse.

It is important to be mindful that relapse is incredibly common. But with the right treatment program and your support, your loved one can keep on track with their goal to win over their addiction.

Spotting the signs of relapse can help you to support your loved one when they need it most. Here are some of the classic signs that you need to look out for.

Have their stress levels risen?

Battling addiction can already be stressful. However, it should be noted that a noticeable prolonged rise in their levels of stress can often prove to be a strong indication that your loved one is falling into relapse.

There are a lot of stressful situations that many of us have to contend with as part of our work and lifestyle, but insignificant events shouldn’t really register as stressful events.

If your loved one seems to overreact to what should be viewed as merely minor inconveniences that could be an indication of a potential relapse.

Have they gone into their shell?

Another classic sign of a potential relapse is when your loved one suddenly starts avoiding social situations and prefers to withdraw into isolation.

We all have to change plans from time to time but if someone you love is noticeably withdrawing from social situations and contact that could be viewed as a potential sign of relapse.

A change in attitude regarding their sobriety

It is extremely rewarding to see your loved one leave rehab and declare their intent to stay sober and beat their addiction.

If you notice a deterioration in their attitude and behavior regarding their ongoing sobriety you need to keep an eye on this situation.

When they suddenly become more defiant and less enthusiastic to discuss their progress toward sobriety you should often consider this to be a warning sign that a relapse might be happening.

Have you noticed a change in their risk-taking attitude?

An integral part of the recovery process is the need to adopt a more conservative attitude and some lifestyle changes that are more risk-averse.

If your loved one starts to lapse back into some of their old habits and their behavior becomes riskier it would be wise to question, why this might be happening.

Are they back in touch with old friends?

There will have been people in your loved ones’ old circle of friends who proved to be a bad influence regarding their addiction problems. If they are starting to hang out together again that could be bad news.

Leaving these bad influences in the past is often the best when it comes to making a fresh start. Question why they have reconnected again as it could be a sign of relapse.

You want your loved one to recover and get their life back on track after an addiction problem. That means you should heed some of these classic warning signs that a relapse might be happening.



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