The Importance of Quality Web Design in a Digital Marketing Campaign

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In today’s connected world, if you’re not online, then you’re already twenty paces behind if not more. Not being online is no longer an option for companies that want to get ahead and whether you’re in the B2B or B2C sector having an engaging platform for sell your products and services is paramount to get you in front of the masses. It’s not enough to have a basic website with limited functionality; this site should be an extension of your brand and provide the same user experience as they would receive in store or your office. First impressions count, and within a split second, users will decide whether or not to stay on your website or click straight off. For businesses, keeping this bounce rate down will help to convert those visits into essential sales figures and ensure you continue to drive loyal custom through your marketing funnels.

If you’re looking to update your website design or build an entirely new one, there are some critical considerations to the design and usability that need to be addressed. Take a look at some of the ways you can get the design right without compromising on identity.

Design it for the user

Although this is your company platform, there’s no point in designing something that only caters to your tastes. Using the data and analytics your company has on your customer base, you can tailor it to your ideal client, plus using this information leads you through the process of creating a better user experience from when they first enter the site to getting the relevant information they need. Hiring the help of professionals to incorporate elements such as BigCommerce development companies ensures you get the exact aesthetic with the best functionality to deliver excellent results.

 Fast and functional

Nobody likes a slow website, and if the first impression your visitors gets is the infuriating loading circle, you’ll be saying goodbye to them before the page has even loaded. People expect the fastest speeds nowadays, and if your website isn’t optimized to cope with this, then you’ll be turning customers away at the door. This also doesn’t only apply to desktop computers, as mobile technology is becoming one of the fastest growing mediums for consumer buying habits. Smartphones are attached to everyone, so ensuring your site is fast and fully mobile optimized will stand you in an excellent position for better sales.

It presents your brand to the world

A huge part of website design incorporates your brand identity in a personable yet informative way. There have been very few companies who succeed at being the cool kids on the block and having websites that are abstract to the cause, but lack user-friendliness. Having something that is memorable yet functional is the key to securing present and future sales, plus trends fade so what’s in-demand now will probably be old news tomorrow. Stick to what you know and how your customer reacts, and you’ll be able to build a website that is simple yet effective at bringing people back time and time again.





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