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How does gas tankless water heater work?

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To provide the best solution of water heating at residential or commercial buildings, tankless water heaters are available as the perfect option at the present time. Now, you do not need to store large sized tank with heaters when you are searching for a compact size water heater for water heating solution at your place.

Today, tankless water heaters are available to provide hot water whenever it is required. It instantly heats up the water and provides it as instant supply whenever you need it. In these water heaters, there is no tank to hold the water for heating. The water is circulated through burners/ electric coil and it will heat up the water instantly to provide instant supply.

Working process of tankless water heaters:

If you have installed the tankless water heater in your kitchen or bathroom, it will provide on-demand supply of hot water. You just need to open the hot water tap in your bathroom or kitchen when you need hot water. The sensors are installed in these water heaters that will detect the flow of water.

After the detection of water flow, the gas burner will fire up automatically and it will start to heat up the flowing water. Because of a powerful burner, it will heat up the water very quickly as it will flow through the burners.

There will be a secondary heat exchanger in the tankless water heater that will preheat the flowing water. It will use the heat of exhausted gases for preheating of the water. To maintain the pre-set temperature, there is a thermostat that works to modulate the amount of gas in the burner.

The features of tankless water heaters:

In the modern tankless water heaters, you will find electronic control unit that is very effective to provide total control over the temperature, gas flow, modulation and ignition for heating of the water. It is also very effective to provide the safety features because of features like automatic gas cut off and flame sensor to prevent the accidents and damages. Check out this article from Verellenhc to find the best gas tankless water heater available in the market.

Temperature control features in tankless water heaters:

In tankless water heaters, you will find temperature control features that you can change by using the remote control on smartphone application these days. For the residential applications, typical 50°C is pre-set in the factory as maximum temperature. Today, many wireless connectivity features are available so you will be able to find the controls for temperature by using the remote or mobile phone application.

The power supply in tankless water heaters:

In tankless water heaters, you will need to provide the continuous flow of gas and you can connect the water heater with your home power supply to spark up the Igniter. It is used for the ignition of gas to heat up the water in this water heater. However, some of the models are available with the feature of small water turbine that provides the power from water flow for ignition.

In some of the models, you will also find the option of a simple battery for ignition of the gas. If you want some additional advantages, it will be better to go with battery powered or turbine powered models because you will be able to use it without a power supply as the connected models.

If you are going with the turbine-powered water heater model, you will find the size larger as compared to other it will be expensive as compared to other units.

How tankless water heater works?

  • In general, cold water will flow in tankless water heater when you will open hot water tap in your kitchen or bathroom.
  • A sensor will detect the water flow and it will ignite the gas burner in the heater.
  • When the water will flow through a heat exchanger in a serpentine pattern, it will absolve lots of heat.
  • The water temperature is controlled by an electronic control unit that allows the gas burner to maintain the set temperature.

It is the complete work in process of a tankless water heater that you can install at your home or commercial place for your regular water heating needs. When it comes to finding a good model of tankless water heater, you will find lots of options in the market. Many manufacturers are available in the market to provide lots of models of these water heaters. You just need to know about the features and specifications of some of the best models to select the perfect water heater for your place. It will give a good experience of on-demand hot water supply at your place.


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