The Importance of priming exterior wood before painting 

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Using a primer before painting the exterior of a house is a good idea. Paint goes on much easier over a coat of primer. One should take the time to purchase the right type of exterior wood paint. A good combination of these can literally add years of usability for one’s home. It is a very important investment and should be looked upon as such. If for affordability reasons one cannot afford the best products for the job, then it is good to do the job anyway. The home will look better and at least some protection for the home is achieved.

If one wants to do painting on a surface that is already painted, then a primer might not be needed. Simply sand down the rough spots and make sure that the rest of the surface is firmly adhered to the wood. After this one can just paint right over the entire surface. One of the reasons to prime is to fill up small pores in the wood.

This will help to keep the surface more durable and waterproof. When painting, the adhesion to the surface will be better, and easier to put down. This is especially important for doing the outside of the house. This area is exposed to the weather and needs to be protected with a good, durable job. If not one will pay for it in the long run. Conditions like cracking and peeling can begin to take place. Soon it will be time to do it all over again. Take your time and buy the best quality products. Best outdoor paints for wood can add value to one’s home once the job is done. It more than pays for itself.

It is good to use electric tools when doing this job. There are devices that spray on the paint instead of using the slower method of using a brush. Many use a combination of both. There are electric sanders. Other types of powered devices can be used in this process. It can make the whole thing a lot easier. A good priming job will make the process easier. When painting it glides right on and adheres better.

There are many different types of priming products for painting projects. Try to find priming products that are water and mildew resistant. Many are made to help stop staining. Some are good at sealing knots in wood and can be used indoors or outdoors. They can be made to provide an enamel coating to protect the wood. 

Oil based products are better in general. They are slow drying and a bit harder to clean up after, but it is worth it. If the wood that needs to be primed is rather porous then one should use an oil based product. Although many may choose to painting wood right over an old painted surface, it is better to go through the process of proper priming. Especially when working on the exterior of one’s home.

A home is an investment. It needs to be properly cared for. There are several ways to work on the exterior of one’s home. If one wants a good, long, lasting result, then proper priming before exterior house painting, needs to be done. If one lives in an area where it rains a lot, then a priming product that is stain and mildew resistant is a must. If the wood is porous then the pours need to be sealed using the right priming product. If not water will get in there and begin to possibly rot the wood on the exterior of your home causing problems later on.


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