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The Best Engagement Rings for the Holidays

The holiday season is often considered a great time to get down on one knee and ask your loved one to marry you. There is something about the charming festivities, and the whimsical lights that just makes people feel warm and love blossoms like roses in spring.

If you’ve decided to take your relationship to the next level, there are certain things you need to bear in mind before you can ask for your beloved’s hand. One of the most important things to consider is the matter of the ring—the perfect engagement ring. Intrigued? Let’s check it out!

Holiday Themed Engagement Rings

Some people like their proposals to coincide with a time of festivities. There is just something magical about one year ending and another beginning that inspire a desire to begin a new life chapter. Each couple has a unique proposal story, and it is made even more special if their ring reflects the story itself. 

For those looking for the best engagement rings for the holidays, you have come to the right place. Holiday themed engagement rings have a magical ability to remind one of the picture perfect holiday proposal. There are different types of rings that can be used for unique holiday themed proposals. 

  • Riding into the Sunset: if you want to go old-school with your proposal, one great way to do so is to get a horse and sleigh. The ring that would best set off this romantic setting would be a bright emerald or ruby ring to match the Christmas colors. The band could also have intricate snowflake or diamond shaped designs to add a touch of whimsy.
  • Rendezvous at Midnight: taking a stroll around midnight can be the perfect setting for a holiday themed proposal. The best engagement ring for this simple yet memorable moment would be a classic diamond ring, particularly a solitaire. This would be the perfect setting to showcase how the only thing brighter than the stars above or even the diamond ring would be the love of you and your beloved.
  • The Week of love: very little can beat a proposal ending a week of Hanukah based gift giving. The perfect engagement ring for the occasion could easily have some poignant Hebrew line inscribed on the wedding ring band, with a delicate colored gemstone adorning it. The blue of a sapphire would really pop on the occasion.
  • Under the Lights: sometimes the traditional engagement rings are all the shine one needs for a perfect holiday proposal. You can opt for a traditional gold band that could either be plain or have line of gems on it to reflect the lights of the season, particularly the Christmas tree on the hearth. 

Remember, the best engagement ring is that which matches the setting and mood of the proposal itself. 

Holiday Engagement Ring Styles

Here are some of the different styles of engagement rings that scream ‘holiday’! 

  • Three stone rings: three stones on a ring poignantly represent the past, present and the future, making it a perfect engagement ring for a holiday proposal. These can feature either diamonds or even colored gemstones. 
  • Anything Gold: whether it is in the form of the classic yellow gold, the white gold or even rose gold, this metal screams tradition and holiday festivities. 


Holiday engagement rings have the power to reflect and contain the holiday magic and whimsy so that your proposal marks the start of a festive life ahead. You just need to make sure that your engagement ring matches the setting and the surrounding mood. 

Whether it is a loud party or a quiet midnight stroll the best engagement ring can remind one of a proposal magic that would be long remembered. 




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