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Hair Regrowth Remedies

In this piece, you will find out some of the best remedies for hair regrowth. It is normal to want to improve the quality of your hair and its growth because it is one of your cherished physical possessions. 

There are natural & other remedies to enhance and improve hair growth if you are not satisfied with yours.  If you are trying to improve the hair you have, or want to regrow lost hair, try incorporating some of these remedies.



Massaging your scalp can help improve your hair quality. It helps to restore hair growth and can be used together with oils and masks. Massaging with oils and masks stimulates the scalp and boosts thickness. Daily massaging of the scalp also helps to relieve stress and tension.

It has been proven that during massages, stretching forces are being applied, which allows for hair thickness and growth in the dermal papilla cell. The link here has more on how to give a full body massage the right way. 

Applying coconut oil

Coconut oil has active ingredients such as fatty acids that enhance hair growth. The fatty acids penetrate inside the shaft, which reduces protein loss.

Depending on the hair type you have, you can either apply coconut oil before or after washing. If you have the oily type, you should do a leave-in treatment a few hours before washing it. 

Apply coconut oil to the scalp and all parts of your hair. It has been proven to promote growth as well as improving its health and luster.

Applying Aloe Vera

It is no shocker that aloe vera is amongst this list of remedies. Aloe Vera has, for a long time, been used for managing hair loss.

It has soothing properties that help to soothes as well as condition the scalp and hair. It is excellent for dealing with dandruff and unblocking follicles that are blocked by excess oil.

I recommend massaging aloe vera into your scalp at least three times per week. Also, using shampoos and conditioner that contains aloe vera is a great idea.

Consuming Fish Oil

Consuming fish regularly can help improve your hair quality from the inside. Fishes are rich in omega fatty acids as well as proteins and nutrients that rejuvenate the strands. 

Taking omega supplements are also a great idea. Make sure to take with antioxidants because it will better help to enhance density and diameter. Omega fatty acids boost the functions of your cells, thereby maintain your overall health.

When consuming omega supplements, ensure to follow the manufacturer’s prescription to get the best result. You can find more here on the benefits of fish oil for overall health. 

Consuming hair growth supplement

Natural hair-growth supplement is also an option. It promotes growth, especially in people with thinning problems. It contains an active ingredient known as AminoMar C, which is a marine complex. It consists of vitamins, minerals, and mollusk powder. These active ingredients allow cells to regenerate and also strengthens existing ones.

For the best performance of supplements, you need to take the pills twice daily for a period of six to eight months. They are also in shampoos and conditioners.

Applying Rosemary Oil

Rosemary oil is amongst the very first essential oils discovered to enhance quality. People found out that consistently applying rosemary to the scalp helped to promote growth and improve luster. Rosemary oil has properties that can assist in treating androgenetic alopecia.

For better result, I suggest you mix a few drops of rosemary oil into a carrier and massage into your scalp before rinsing. Make sure to continue at least three times per week. You can also add a few drops of rosemary oils into your conditioners and shampoos.

You mustn’t use essential oils directly. Always combine them with a carrier oil or mix them in a shampoo.

Consuming Ginseng

Regularly consuming ginseng supplements help to enhance growth by stimulating follicles.

It has active ingredients such as ginsenosides that are thought to help improve hair health.

When consuming ginseng, you must follow the prescription to get the best results from it.

Consuming and Inhaling Onion Juice

If you can endure the smell of onion juice, you will find that the benefits it provides are worth it. Research has taught us that onion juice is potent in remedying alopecia areata by stimulating growth. It has also been suggested that onion juice can help improve circulation.

I suggest you blend a few onions and squeeze out the concentration. Afterward, apply the concentration onto your scalp and leave it in for at least 10 minutes. Then shampoo and condition normally.

Consuming Lemon

Regular consumption of lemon juice helps to enhance skin and scalp quality. Lemon oils are known to enhance sheen and luster. It also helps with maintaining a healthy scalp and improve growth.

Apply squeezed lemon juice on your scalp for a couple of minutes before you shampoo. You can use lemon carrier oil mixed with a carrier oil as a hair mask.

Applying Geranium Oil

Geranium oil has been suggested to help promote growth and boost circulation. Mix a few drops of geranium oil into a carrier oil and make a hair mask.

It will also be helpful if you add a few drops into your shampoos and conditioners. Geranium oil can strengthen, restore, and rejuvenate every strand.


If you want to enhance the quality of your hair, stay consistent with natural remedies. Keep in mind that it may take several months to see noticeable changes.

Be consistent and creative with your remedies, and combine different therapies as you want.

You must take as much time as you can to focus on rejuvenating your hair. Nourish and care for them to get that quality luscious locks that you admire.

Taking the right steps and focusing on self-care will help you a lot, mainly if your baldness results from emotional issues. There are still a lot of things about hair and what you need to know are always available online especially when you are trying to improve your hair growth and even when finding a solution for alopecia. 

Keep the right frame of mind. be consistent with maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It will complement your overall health as well as improving the quality of each strand.

You can also consult with your health provider about procedures and treatments if you cannot settle for the natural methods listed above.


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