The 8 Most Common Makeup Mistakes People With Sensitive Eyes Make


Doing your eye makeup correctly is one of the most complex stages of the makeup process, especially if you don’t know where to start. But don’t worry, because we are going to tell you about the most common mistakes that are usually made when putting makeup on your eyes so that you can avoid them. To do this, we have enlisted the help of some of the best beauty professionals. With practice and with these notes on common mistakes, you will become an expert in making your eye makeup look spectacular.

  1. Make the eye look sad

Delineate the upper lash line following the base of our lashes to the end of the eye. This is a very common mistake since if when we reach the end of the eye, we stay glued to the base of the eyelashes, we will get a sad eye effect (droopy eye). Therefore, the idea is to lift the eyeliner a little when reaching the end of the eyelid; thus, we will achieve a happier eye.

  1. Confusing big eyes with little eyes

Outline the lower waterline with a black pencil. We include it within the errors because on many occasions, we want to achieve a “big eye” effect and with this technique what it achieves is to make the eye smaller, so we must know when we want to outline with black because we want to give depth and intensity and when with other shades. 

Sometimes, we take it as usual and do not open ourselves to the wide range offered by delineating that part with other colors such as brown or natural, giving a fresher look effect and an opening in the eye.

  1. Look like a panda due to lack of blur

Do not degrade the shade. People with more interest and knowledge of makeup sometimes know how to place the shadow on the outer V of the mobile eyelid in order to make the famous banana, but very rarely they know how to blur it, from where and to where the shadow should go is very important. 

We must degrade until there are no lines, we apply the product in the external V, but we degrade until it is lost. How far should we climb? We must take into account leaving part of the fixed eyelid without shadow, just below the arch of the eyebrow, to be able to illuminate; otherwise, the eye will have a panda effect.

  1. Not neutralizing the dark circles correctly

Do not neutralize the color of the dark circles. In a pronounced dark circle, we should not apply illuminators or correct with dark circles without previously neutralizing its tone. If we use these products in dark circles, the only thing we can achieve is to intensify it more. What should we do? First, neutralize the dark circles’ color; if it is purple with a yellow corrector, if it is bluish with an orange corrector. Once we have it neutralized, we can illuminate the area or apply dark circles.

  1. Stretch the eyelid

Stretch out the eyelid with your finger as you delineate the upper lash line. By stretching the eyelid, the eye’s original shape is deformed. Therefore, by releasing the eyelid, the delineation, far from beautifying the eye, deforms it and highlights its defects.

  1. Not choosing the type of outline well

Not all eyelids support the same type of lining. For example, a drooping or hooded eyelid cannot afford excessively long and thick eyeliner because it would accentuate that drooping eye… And no woman wants to have eyes like this! We all want big, almond-shaped eyes. Thus, it’s wise to use the right eyeliner for sensitive eyes to avoid big disasters.

  1. Outline with light pencil

Use a white pencil to outline the inside of the eye. Lightening the waterline indeed helps to enlarge the eye and hide redness optically, but it should not be done with a white pencil because it is too obvious and artificial. I recommend using a cream colored pencil.

  1. Hide very dark circles with a very light concealer

Try to hide very dark circles with a very lightweight concealer. This will only make the dark circles gray, and there is too much contrast in tone with the rest of the skin of the face.

Now that you know from our professionals’ hands the most common mistakes that are usually made when putting on eye makeup, you can avoid them and get a perfect finish to dazzle on any occasion!


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